Paranormal Escape Hatches: Hoaxes & Delusions

paranormal escape hatches part 2
Paranormal Escape Hatches: Hoaxes and Delusions

In the first part of the Paranormal Escape Hatches we were bordering on the subject of fakes, frauds, or even potentially delusional people. These sorts used to really get under my skin. Because my main contribution to this “field” has been by way of visual data analysis, I’ve encountered reams of fraudulent photos and video, and I used to get very up in arms when I found the hoaxes (they were the majority). I would, in a very public way expose the hoaxer.

I was far from kind about it.

These days I’m much less harsh, because I’ve come to realize that hoaxes are a part of the game. No, I don’t just mean they’re part of what you encounter in the UFO field as part of the work – hoaxes done for any number of reasons: capital gain, fame or notoriety to name just a few. I mean I recognize the hoax now as part of what is to be expected from the “field”, and possibly the phenomena itself.

To explain that further let’s look at the hoaxer first. What is the motive? I’ve dealt with a lot of them, and in some instances when I asked them why the pulled a hoax (after they would actually talk to me again) their answer was “I just wanted to see if I could fool you” or, “I just wanted to show people how easy it is to fake this stuff”, to the ever popular “I was just fooling around and it actually looked good, so I thought I’d float it out there and see what people thought….it just got out of hand”.

But a larger portion of the hoaxers had no answer for me. A few of them I got into some pretty intense discussions with. One stated unequivocally that he felt compelled to fake evidence and had no rational explanation for it (and as an aside, was oddly relived that I caught him). He was a successful business owner, family man, and was well thought of by his friends. My mind was telling me, “well, this is a hoaxer, so he’s just perpetuating another hoax by saying he was magically compelled to do this…why should I believe him when he’s shown himself to be deliberately untrustworthy?”

Because he’s far from the only one to have given me that answer over the years. People separated by years, even over a decade who don’t even remotely know each other, gave remarkably similar answers. The feeling of being compelled to do this. Of special note here, is that hoaxers, after being caught red handed, rarely come back to the field. A select few do, but those are usually ones that ultimately people are generally divided on. So…there’s always the loyal, and often gullible contingency that will support them. But the ‘caught red handed ones’? They fade away into obscurity. There’s very few repeat chronic offenders. It seems almost as if they are drawn forth out of the masses, get knocked down, and fade back into the populace. Almost as if it were planned by some unseen organizer.