Paranormal Escape Hatches

The Paranormal Escape Hatch

There’s something about the paranormal everyone seems to be trying for: the brass ring. The answer to the problem, whether it be UFOs and “aliens” all the way to Ghosts and Poltergeists. Many people over the years of serious discourse into the subjects have claimed to have the answer, but of course none have truly panned out or we wouldn’t still be referring to these mysteries as enigmatic. It would be a known presence or effect, whether purely psychological or part of overall consensus reality. Either way, it would be out of the hands of paranormalists and into the realm of science – you know, the same science that doubts any of this stuff has any merit at all.

But we can’t blame mainstream science for feeling it to be “pseudoscience”, or unworthy of attention. After all, despite what many would claim, no one has as of yet laid their hands on the brass ring. Yeah I know, “The government has the UFO bits hidden away and lies about it”. Who knows might be true, but either way we the public interested and actively investigating  such things have failed (try as we might) to garner that special piece of evidence that will turn the lofty, doubting head of science. I would contend though, it’s not our fault either. Perhaps we lack the proper tools, the protocol, or maybe this thing isn’t at all in the “place” we’re looking.

I postulated a thought some time ago about EVPs. What if clearly recorded EVPs were not the product of sentient, self aware spirits of the dead trying to speak to us across the ether – but rather like a short band radio. I remember back in the early 1990’s sitting outside a friend’s apartment in a suburb of Baltimore on a short band radio in the car, talking to someone in Wyoming or something. This wasn’t typical, and is a product of “running a skip”. It occurs when the signal from the radio is refracted by charged ions in the ionosphere. Called “skywave propagation” it allows radio users to talk across thousands of miles. From what little I know of short band radio from personal experience it seemed somewhat a rare occasion – you didn’t get to talk to Mexico or California every night. It was also fleeting. You didn’t get an all night talk with someone, and often they’d fade in and out.

So what if EVPs work the same way – but across time. What if there’s a “skip” that runs time like radio waves ride an ionosphere. I already hear people asking how. What causes such an anomaly to happen? Who knows. But has anyone in the ghost or EVP research community ever logged ionospheric conditions when a good class A EVP is captured? Probably not.

But whats to say it’s that? It could be that through pure thought we cause the “skip” that allows not only getting a voice, but one that might allow ever so brief two-way communication. Imagine going to an Inn in Gettysburg with historical significance. You run your EVP recorder and say “If you’re here you can speak into this and I’ll be able to hear you”, and you get an EVP that says “who’s that?” I know of an instance where that actually happened. So step carefully away from the “ghost” answer, and think about a soldier in a room during the battle of Gettysburg in 1863. He’s alone. He suddenly hears a voice…”If you’re here…be able…to…you”.

He answers, “who’s that?” And the “skip” is running – simply because you’re there, trying to connect to the past, focused intently in anticipation.

The notion of it being a spirit suddenly looses it’s solid connection to the yawning grave. Now it’s something much more complex, deep and potentially more intriguing. Talking to others across time. Literally, hearing a voice uttered in the past – in our present. Audible mirages in time.

But, who knows. It’s just a thought.

This is only one example of being open to other explanations or definitions of paranormal phenomena. I’m quite sure some of those steeped in EVP research would disagree with me. The predisposition to think we’re speaking to the dead (and in a way we are…but only the currently dead) or a spirit is something that was ingrained into the EVP from the start.

In the end, those who claim from high hilltops that we need to “think outside the box” are trapped within a box of their own.

But we, in our efforts to understand what these phenomena are (and constructing ideologies around them), is far from the only problem. There’s another issue: The Paranormal Escape Hatch, as I’ve called it. We’re talking about phenomena that seems to refuse to play straight with us (or we’re simply not equipped to perceive accurately). Because of that, I’ve tended to think that it’s much more involved in our day to day reality than we’d care to know about. It seems to be able to manipulate behavior (psychological / psychic effects), circumstance, and plays heavily with synchronicity, just to name a few wrinkles. But it’s also laden with self negation. I think, and no, I don’t know, that this could be a thread that ties into the bizarreness of paranormal events so long swept under the rug because they strain credulity. If someone sees a flying saucer land in their backyard, and they can describe it in extreme detail? Fine. We’re up for that. They hear a strange mechanized voice say “come to the back door”, somehow in their head between their eyes? Yeah, we can handle that. But when that person gets to the back door if they’re confronted by a tall rabbit in a top hat – we’re out.

“What did he say? A rabbit? I thought this was about aliens…this guy is nuts. If he’s seeing giant rabbits, of course he’ll see UFOs.”

And the paranormal has just escaped a large portion of the UFO crowd – and has certainly lost the critical thinking yet casually interested public. Dismissed because of such a bizarre turn of the account. But in fact, this was the witness’ honest perception of what he/she saw.