THE WOODBRIDGE FIGURES: Strange Fertility figures found in the 1980’s

A group of approximately 120 figures found by a construction worker in an abandoned shed in the woods of Woodbridge New Jersey in the 1980’s.

They were subsequently brought to a pawn shop and then discovered by well known graphic designer, Milt Simpson, who sold the works to a gallery in Manhattan. The gallery broke the group up and sold them to two different collector. Simpson would later write a book about the Woodbridge Figures.

In 2013 they were reunited and are now in the collection of London’s The Museum of Everything and were displayed at as a group again for the first time in an exhibition at Chalet Society in Paris in 2013.

A resident of where the church once stood in New Jersey writes “I live on the street that dead ends at the rear of Woodbridge Center. Where the old Church once stood is a five minute walk from my house. It’s all built up now of course, but you can hear sounds just sort of disappear in that area.”

WoodBride  - 1

Fertility Dolls 2

Fertility Dolls 3

Fertility Dolls 4

Fertility Dolls 5

WoodBride 6