A World of Stalking Fools: Strange Tales of Homeland Security and the Future of Mass Surveillance (Part Three: Surveillance Role Players)

The desire for control runs rampant through our 21st century society.  What with the advent of Facebook, YouTube, and other such self-surveillance technology, many citizens aren’t afraid of the rise of Big Brother anymore.  Instead, they want to be Big Brother.  To find evidence of this strange sociological phenomenon, glance through your local newspaper; you might come across a mysterious ad searching for “surveillance role players.”  You may very well have seen these ads and passed right over them, not understanding what you were seeing (yes, just like Poe’s purloined letter).

In August of 2013 an intriguing ad popped up on Craigslist.  This ad seems to give an official name to the perpetrators who engage in gang stalking.  For years targeted individuals had no idea what the gang stalkers called themselves.  One can’t ignore the significance of the Orwellian, bureaucratic language at play here:

Surveillance Role Players and Practical Exercise Role Player (San Diego)

“The MASY Group is looking for motivated surveillance role players (SRPs) and scenario driven practical exercise Role Players (RPs) to support military training activities in the San Diego, California region. Qualified personnel should demonstrate an established track record of conducting surveillance operations at various discretion levels, supporting surveillance training and military practical exercise training. Individuals with previous military, intelligence community and law enforcement experience are highly preferred.”

Please note that the mandatory prerequisite qualifications for Role Players are as follows (b):  “A minimum of 5 years of counterintelligence (CI) and or human intelligence (HUMINT) experience with at least 2 operational deployments in a CI/HUMINT military occupational specialty (MOS) or as a member of a civilian intelligence community organization” [emphasis mine].

This is tantamount to placing an ad on Craigslist searching for a military veteran who’s had either five years of experience in the Navy or has at least ridden the submarine ride at Disneyland twice in one week.  Thstalkingis demonstrates how highly these corporations regard any level of involvement in gang stalking activity, even if you’ve simply spent a few years keeping a detailed journal on your neighbor’s highly subversive consumption of The Daily Show.  Also note that the ad specifically states that the “place of performance” will be the “San Diego region.”  For those who have already read my book Chameleo, you will know that most of the gang stalking activity endured by my friend Dion occurred in the Pacific Beach area of San Diego, the military town of all military towns.

(By the way, it’s also important to note that someone apparently decided it was time for the phrase “Surveillance Role Player” to morph into the far more innocuous sounding “Cultural Role Player.”  See my 12-12-15 Cryptoscatology post entitled “Cultural Role Player” for more information about that development.)

Anyone familiar with the 1974 Alan Pakula film, The Parallax View (or the 1970 Loren Singer novel upon which the film is based), will be unable to overlook the similarities between this ad and the one placed in the classifieds by the fictional Parallax Corporation.  In The Parallax View, the purpose of the Parallax ad is to lure in violent, antisocial males as guinea pigs for their brainwashing program which transforms these eager new employees into mind controlled assassins who are summarily disposed of the second they’ve fulfilled their deadly function.  One wonders if Loren Singer, a member of the Office of Strategic Services (the forerunner of the CIA), based his fictional scenario on real life events to which he might have been privy thanks to his contacts in the intelligence world.  (Potential gang stalkers out there might want to keep the Parallax View firmly in mind before responding to such a promising ad.  If you wish to purchase a one-way ticket on the Oswald Train, however, please feel free to submit an application posthaste.)

According to a panoply of targeted individuals with whom I’ve communicated in recent years, the corporations involved in hiring “Surveillance Role Players,” and who are therefore at the forefront of the gang stalking phenomenon, include….

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Robert Guffey

Robert Guffey

Robert Guffey is a lecturer in the Department of English at California State University – Long Beach. His most recent book is UNTIL THE LAST DOG DIES (Night Shade/Skyhorse), a darkly satirical novel about a young stand-up comedian who must adapt as best he can to an apocalyptic virus that affects only the humor centers of the brain. His previous books include the journalistic memoir CHAMELEO: A STRANGE BUT TRUE STORY OF INVISIBLE SPIES, HEROIN ADDICTION, AND HOMELAND SECURITY (OR Books, 2015), a collection of novellas entitled SPIES & SAUCERS (PS Publishing, 2014), and CRYPTOSCATOLOGY: CONSPIRACY THEORY AS ART FORM (TrineDay, 2012).
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