Author Walks 400 Miles to Overcome Chronic Fatigue

This inspiring story about author Nick Meador’s journey to Spain and walking over 400 miles to overcome chronic fatigue. It is a motivational epic with lessons on affirmations and becoming Unstoppable in life. Join hosts Selomon and Shannon Shine for another episode of the Bring Me to Life Podcast.

In this episode we cover the inspiring story of author Nick Meador who went to Spain to walk over 400 miles on a spiritual pilgrimage to overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We open up space for Nick to share powerful affirmations like “I AM Unstoppable” along with some of the other topics we cover along with Nick’s journey and how it’s changed him in his personal world and his business world. This is our third interview with Nick and we are grateful for the opportunity to follow his journey and be witness to the positive changes he is going through.

Nick Meador is a facilitator/counselor, writer, community organizer, and multimedia artist. His writing is focused on human behavior, perception, and culture – as informed by science, media studies, psychology, and related fields. Nick’s work has appeared in Reality Sandwich, Disinformation, Beatdom, and h+.

Nick has completed six months of intensive training in Process Work, or process-oriented psychology, a post-Jungian paradigm designed to turn disturbances and conflicts into opportunities for growth and transformation. He will be putting this to use with everything from conscious communications to holistic counseling to workshop/group facilitation. In his facilitation Nick also incorporates Nonviolent Communication, cognitive therapies, and some of his own unique ideas. Learn more on the Services page.

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