Edgar Cayce and the DNA of the New Age

Edgar Cayce
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“That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below” –Translation by Isaac Newton

Edgar Cayce and Aleister Crowley were born and died within two of years of each other. Although no official record exists of any correspondence between the two, they spoke almost in unison about the dawning of a new age. They spoke about a fundamental transformation in humankind that was underway. The invisible hand of the spiritual world was winding the gears of the universal DNA until it clicked on the Aquarian age.

Both heard the click.

It was because they had vastly different approaches in their teachings, rituals and lifestyle that, in fact, added to the validity of the double helix in their spiritual philosophy. It was as if there was one secret hymnal and the key to its strength was that very different walks of life could read its text and come to a consistent conclusion: The New Age was dawning.

Edgar Cayce’s upbringing and life’s journey was the exact opposite of Crowley’s. It was almost a perfect film negative. In this we might find some kind of balance, some kind of spiritual validation to the well-educated, worldly, decadent, slip and slide legend that was Crowley’s. Edgar Cayce was born in rural Kentucky to farmers and only achieved an eighth grade education. But by the end of his life he was giving psychic readings so complete, so complex, that the most learned minds of the day were heeding his advice and advancing research in their respective fields. His readings were vast and intricate, catching the attention of such unlikely constituencies ranging from the medical community to Wall Street. All of this while Edgar Cayce, the man, was asleep. That was Edgar Cayce’s niche – he would give psychic readings while he was asleep. When he was under he could adopt an almost unlimited knowledge on almost any subject along with the necessary vocabulary to articulate what was being asked of him. When Cayce was awake, he was back to being a regular man with a rural upbringing.

The Association for Research and Enlightenment

I had an opportunity to talk with Peter Woodbury, an official spokesperson for the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E) in Virginia Beach, VA. The association was founded by Edgar Cayce for purposes of improving life through spiritual information and ideas based on his own readings. Today the center offers different activities including lectures, conferences, meditation sessions and even guided tours to different places on the planet that Mr. Cayce found spiritually profound.

Mr. Woodbury is a Harvard educated hypnotherapist that has a traditional practice as well as participates with the A.R.E in past-life hypnosis and regression.

Reincarnation and Sojourns

A big part of the Cayce philosophy involves reincarnation. Before talking to Peter I must admit I hadn’t given a lot of thought to the mechanics of what comprised the process of reincarnation. This isn’t an insult, but more of an oversimplification on my part. Reincarnation, like all metaphysical practices rely upon a system, a process that must take place in order for all components to be positioned for fruition. Planetary Sojourns are an important part of this process.

“You’ve chosen to come into the earth, you’ve picked up earthly patterns, non-spiritual patterns that need to be remedied so you have to meet places where you have been selfish and you have to meet that with the opposite, with kindness. Places where there have been hurt, you have to go with love.” – Peter Woodbury

The planets in our solar system carry energetic characteristics that manifest on an emotional level. Mars is associated with aggression, action, the color red; with Venus we can associate beauty, balance and harmony. During our reincarnation process the planets supersede the inanimate realm and become active parts of our soul’s cycle into life, death and rebirth. After a life has completed and before another life starts, a soul needs to take stock of what was or wasn’t accomplished in a lifetime. The soul needs to balance itself. It does this by cycling through a series of planetary sojourns or trips through these planets to acquire a planets distinctive emotional essence. This process that Cayce speaks of, Peter explained, is far more complicated than this, but for this article, that is 30 second elevator pitch on the role of sojourns during reincarnation.

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