Matthew Dutton’s “MIDNIGHT PARACOSM”

Your works have been described as “Feral” .  Please comment on the economy of intervention you practice..

lA:    As my body of work grows, I am discovering each piece to tend to trend more into loose form, soft line, suggestive purpose, like trying to recall a dream you had many years ago and the details keep changing and you’re unsure where the lines between memory and manufacture overlap.  My sculptural works began as controlled experimental practices in materials and methods but once I had started solidifying the visual language I was creating the works and meanings behind them begin to become more about metacognition and symbolic, self solutions.  A rush of recollections from my childhood were guiding my creative processes and I was starting to connect the dots as to why I am making the things I was making.  Most of the day and night my mind is working in the studio even when I’m no where near it.  In my sleep, at work, everywhere, I am mentally assembling, casting, painting, molding, rushing to compete with time and inevitable death to reach an unseen goal that I’ve yet to know from where I’m aiming completely.  Maybe just up and forward as far as I can stretch out? The once semi-structural act of creating is becoming unfurled faster, wilder, more feral like water swirling in a whirlpool closer to the drain, faster as it gets closer.  With thoughts racing all day about what and how I will create my work, once I get into the studio close to midnight my methods are almost like automatic writing.  I know exactly what I need to do and I nearly fly through the tasks as if I were sleep walking and on auto pilot.  Feverish movement to satisfy my minds best laid plans that have been on repeat all day long.

What is the “Midnight Paracosm”?  How much of “the artist at play” is psyco dramatization, a healing process. or art therapy?

sA:    The most recent point that I have reached with my art, self discovery, mental upheaval.  As I built this installation, I was discovering things about what makes me who I am by delving into my perceived memories of my past.  I suppose I have used this project as a means to resolve issues from my past in a constructive, healing way.  Reflecting the past through my mental filter and inventing the outlet from which I could personally understand while creating an avenue for others to be able to gaze upon.  Therapeutic to be able to start and finish works about life situations that were only recently resolved after a life time has passed.  When my parents split, I was too young to understand what had happened. I had carried with me, deep in the recesses of my mind, for a long time the unresolved experience.  Within the last several years, I was reunited with my father after more than 20 years and was able to rekindle our lost friendship.  I even reunited my parents after all this time, all of this while I am building the works for this install.  Elements of the install represent my parents and our life together as one family unit once upon a time long ago. Other parts have different significance to my life and family and memories.  Midnight is the time that I dream while awake. Working in my studio while everyone is fast asleep, leaving me to build my dreams and relive my youth as if constructing a vignette about a memory that you are sure was real at one time but only getting fleeting glimpses, flashes of stillness to build from and your imagination fills in the gaps with creatures from dark places.


Matthew Dutton "Midnight Paracosm"

March 2 2016 - March 29 2016 
Opening reception March 2, 5 - 9 pm, the artist will be present

Stephen Romano Gallery
117 Grattan Street Suite 112
Brooklyn NY 11218    646 709 4725 

This exhibition opens concurrently with "Paul Booth: Selected Works" and the group exhibition "Saint Bowie"


Matthew Dutton featured in the exhibition “Opus Hypnagogia”
at the Morbid Anatomy Museum summer 2015.