Is it any surprise that Trump lost in Iowa after polling comfortably in first?

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A website called has a warning to Donald Trump: the Iowa caucus has a history in recent elections of bold-faced election fraud.  Unfortunately for him, it seems that he has failed to act in time to prevent and expose the fraud.  Currently Ted Cruz commands the majority with 500 precincts waiting to be tallied. The Letter on states:

Please let us emphasize one thing: here we are NOT talking about “VOTER” fraud, which would be voters running around voting at more than once location. This is a problem and should be dealt with, — but it is a very minor part of the problem. The problem we are talking about in the 2016 Presidential contest is both alleged and proven ELECTION FRAUD, and more specifically ELECTION VENDOR FRAUD. It is the ELECTION VENDORS, hired by each county, that have the “motive, means, and opportunity” to alter elections via their software. (These dangers are exposed in the excellent HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy.) Those who control the software can possibly switch tens of thousands of votes in the blink of an eye, silently, invisibly — with no checks and balances on election day. In these states, such as in NH where 80% of the vote is “counted” on these secret software programs, no candidate, no citizen, no local press person is allowed to see or inspect any real ballots on election day.

Iowa was the site where in 1996 Pat Buchanan had his voter count mysteriously and suddenly reduced by 13% in the final counts.  However, the election fraud in Iowa was particularly heinous in 2012 when party outsider Ron Paul held a commanding lead leading up to the Iowa caucuses but magically came in 3rd place in the final counts. has a long list of ways how Paul was systematically defrauded out of the 2012 election all over the country by both mainstream GOP and by television news networks.  But fraudulently in Iowa specifically:

For the first time ever, the Iowa GOP changed the final vote count to a secret location . After the caucus, results from 8 precincts (including those with colleges, in a state where Paul won 48% of the youth vote) went missing. suggests that Trump could instruct his supporters to take a photograph of their ballot with their phone before submitting it to the polling station.  This was of course not possible in 1996 or even 2012, but universal smartphone ownership enables a tactic like this.  The voters could then send the picture to a dedicated email address and ensure that Trump could not be defrauded out of votes cast in his favor.

Donald Trump also has the energy, connections and popular base to put advocates and watchdogs in place ensuring that this fraud does not happen in future state caucuses.  Perhaps he can hack back at the fraudsters the old-fashioned way, with overwhelming power and sheer charisma.

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