A Take on the Illuminated Map of Synchronicity

Synchronicities are signposts to Reality, to the multidimensionality of being. They are artifacts of the acausal, indicators that we are closer to seeing what is actually there or here or There. To the extent to which one is self-actualized, fused, or illuminated, synchronicities become more and more commonplace. They become the language of one’s trajectory, the pure and consistent manifestation of intuition cued to one’s variegated circumstance. Synchronicities are signposts signaling the way towards a higher mental intercourse with one’s deepest Genius. Those so-called “avatars” and enlightened men of yesterday, found that all acts, objects, and environments were synchronous by default as if crossing the supraconscious threshold inverted one’s default footing in the illusions of causality into the expansive “parameters” of non-linearity. 

The “perfect” man of vision and illumination is part of this synchronous fabric. In fact, he is the synchronous fabric- he becomes it when Recognition dawns. When he remembers -through insight, through the flashing pain of satori, through his spiritual paroxysm- what he has always been. The greatest of these men fit in a perfect nook between time and space. They existed within the cracks of all mentation and linear attempts at classification. When “transmitting” his understanding to Kasyapa, the Buddha held up a flower and smiled. Being the only one to “get” this, Kasyapa then became the “heir” to the Buddha’s vision, or so the story goes.

This is an old parable, one that is often either incomplete or misunderstood. The reason this parable matters is because when we hear this story, when we read it, the Buddha smiles directly at us, through the pages of history. Can we see why? It’s like when someone is about to take a picture of you and you look deep into the lens imagining the people who will eventually look at this moment in time. You look directly into their eyes, almost. For that split second, you can imagine everyone. Time disappears and you see all of them. On that hill, flower in hand, the Buddha recognized that he wasn’t bound by history, by time, by circumstances. He saw you seeing him and he smiled about it. His vision saw all things this way, in terms of layers and possibility without the complexity we project onto such a sight. 

Synchronicity is what happens when you follow pure thought and engage with its geography. One’s destiny, or life path, is not simply a mental designation. It is a physical mapping overlayed by a supersensible film that traverses our synapses sometimes dimly, sometimes brightly, but always- until we pull our mind energy to go back In…or to rocket Out into the Incontrovertible.