Why Glenn Beck’s Media Empire Is Burning Down

Photo: Luke X. Martin licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Love him or loathe him, one has to admire the way in which Glenn Beck dumped his corporate overlords and created an independent subscription-based media company. The Daily Beast claims that his empire is “burning down,” however:

Glenn Beck is beset by apocalyptic visions, sinister conspiracy theories, mind-blowing prophecies, mysterious illnesses, miraculous cures, and, yes, copious waterworks.

But of all of the hobgoblins fluttering through his mind, consistency isn’t one of them.

Beck regularly contradicts himself in word and deed—a trait that his less charitable associates call hypocrisy.

For instance, mere months after announcing, with typically messianic zeal, that he was heartily sick of politics and leaving the Republican Party, he spent the past two weekends barnstorming Iowa with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the winner of Monday night’s GOP caucuses, and trading insults with also-ran Donald Trump, who calls Beck “a whack job.”

In his victory speech, Cruz thanked Beck specifically: “I am so grateful to national leaders, people like Dr. James Dobson, and Tony Perkins, and Phil Robertson, and Governor Rick Perry, and Glenn Beck—leaders who have stood and led, bringing together conservatives here in Iowa and across the country.”…

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