Yahweh = Satan. They have you worshiping evil.

(This post was originally published on AboveTopSecret)

As I see it, Yahweh, the god of the bible, is in fact none other than the Great Deceiver himself, Satan. A far cry from the loving and compassionate god that his deceived followers claim he is, the bible pretty much says he is an ego-maniacal god of war and tyranny who if not obeyed, claims he will send you into eternal torture. He rules via fear and intimidation as tyrants do. He requires death for the smallest of infractions, and even demands the murder of entire cities/nations for arbitrary reasons.

Yet he has managed to garner billions of followers on this world who give him tribute in the form of worship, prayer and sacrifice, ie: energy, and they all believe he is a merciful and loving god, when the facts say otherwise.

Who else could pull off a stunt like this of such enormity but the Father of Lies himself?

Even more to the credit of this intelligence, it has even gotten the world to demonize the one who made a stand and attempted to overthrow the tyrant, and was even perhaps partially successful: Lucifer. Lucifer is reviled in most religions that recognize him as an entity, but their beliefs rely on the false premise that he was attempting to overthrow a merciful and loving god, when in fact the opposite was clearly the case. He was making a stand for the freedom of a people, knowing that he would receive little to no credit whatsoever.

Look at the story of the garden… the story is a big allegory of course, but allegorical for what, exactly? It was Lucifer who brought knowledge to Adam and Eve, and showed them the bondage of ignorance they were restrained in. As Lucifer can be translated from Greek as “Bringer of Dawn”, it is fitting to call the garden story the allegory of humanitys long night in the darkness of ignorance, and the “Bringer of Dawn” who signaled the impending rising of the light, and the banishing of the dark.

Any wonder why Yahweh got mad? Just like our own tyrannical governments of this day and age, an informed and educated people were/are this entities worst enemy. Lucifer broke Yahwehs monopoly/dominance over and control of information.

But instead of recognizing this, the vast majority believes Lucifer is a demon, and some deluded ones even worship him as such.

Its interesting to look at how the same tactics of deception are still in use today, and that indeed nothing much has changed in evils play book of covering up the truth. Blatant lies, propaganda, information control and the obfuscation of the truth by mixing it with disinformation, all tactics currently in heavy use in the tyrannical government regimes around the globe, including all of the West, have their methods rooted in ancient times.

They would have you believe black is white, up is down, and 2+2=5; for millennia this has been the case, and it has been successful, and only very recently is this being challenged by people in any significant numbers.


Christians might claim they worship Jesus, not Yahweh. Perhaps they do, but why do they worship someone who clearly did not seek the peoples worship, nor wanted to be anyones leader? It is clear Jesus wanted one thing: not worship, but for the people to emulate his behavior, to be LIKE him, not to think him a god and beg him for free stuff. Thats the OLD way, which he came to uproot. He called us his friends and siblings, NOT his minions and serfs.

Unfortunately, it hasnt been uprooted that well… instead of the people thinking for themselves about his words, they depend on an authority, controlled by the same evil that would or does have them all worshiping a clearly genocidal maniac, to read the words, interpret them, and then spoon feed them the meaning.

I might say Jesus and Lucifer are one in the same. Wouldnt it be ironic, but strangely sensical that the original Bringer of Dawn, demonized through out the ages, who expects nothing in return, would come back to further assist knowing he would probably be murdered by those he was trying to save?



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