Finding the Goddess: Book one in the Tales of the Goddess series

Young Egyptologist Kate Fuentes has been searching for a woman who she believes lived as a goddess among the people of fourth-dynasty Egypt, 4,5000 years ago. When she eventually finds proof she existed, her real quest begins. Who was this woman? why did she have to become a goddess? And why did she decide to change the Great Pyramid’s purpose?

Set in our own time and also in Ancient Egypt, the answers to these questions and many others are in Finding the Goddess.

Editors Note: The following is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of “Finding the Goddess” courtesy of the Author.  

Early in the second year of her project, Kate was working through some of the reassembled clay fragments that did not form complete tablets. Sometimes it was impossible to determine exactly what they were about, but even in the cases where that could be done, they were often nothing out of the ordinary. Some were lists of household items; there were even bills from merchants. This didn’t surprise her, because clay was often used for more mundane purposes like this.

But one day she found something that was far from mundane. Using the computer software, she had pieced together about 20 fragments from a small tablet. Many pieces were missing, but even so she was able to make out a complete statement, one so extraordinary it left her stunned:

Continue to search and you [will] find me, in word and in fact. You are very close. Continue to search.

Naturally, any intelligent, imaginative person would be fascinated by such a statement. After reading it through several times and checking her references to make sure she hadn’t made any errors, Kate noted down the fragment numbers and spent the next hour or so retrieving them from their boxes and putting them together on the work bench.

She traced her fingertips over the characters as she read out loud. Then after sitting for some time and just looking at this ancient message, she murmured, “Is it just a taunt, or is it truly a challenge?”

Kate got up and began pacing around, as she often did when she was trying to work out a problem. Fortunately, having her own workroom, she could even talk to herself without disturbing anyone else or having to worry that they might think she’d gone nuts. “Continue to search… If it is a challenge, how did the writer know she would be searched for?”

Going back to the bench, she rested her hands on its edge and looking down at the enigmatic statement again, she whispered, “And: ‘in word and in fact’. What does that mean?”

The young scientist began pacing again as she thought, “’In word’ is clear enough. Sooner or later, we’ll find some written records to prove this person’s existence. But what about ‘in fact’? Surely, that can only mean the person herself – and that means…”

“Her tomb!” she said out loud. “Continue to search and we’ll find her tomb?” Her mind reeling, Kate flung herself down on the dilapidated, dusty sofa in the corner of the room. 

“That’s just – it’s not right,” she whispered. Being told by a person who lived about 4500 years ago that they would find her tomb? It just wasn’t like the Egyptians at all! They built their tombs for eternity, not specific dates. It didn’t go with their system of beliefs to consider that the tomb would actually be entered once it had been sealed. That simply never happened, except when grave robbers got in.

Kate went through that phrase in her mind, over and over again. It left her practically sleepless for several days.

Just a month later, she discovered something even more disturbing while transcribing a reassembled stone tablet. It was also not complete, but it included a reference to the tomb of a goddess, who had come ‘…in a blinding light to the Temple’ and ‘…wrought great mysteries in Her hands… She could make light shine in the darkness with no flame.

That wasn’t too bothersome on its own. There were more than a few ancient references to beings either arriving in blinding light, or at least surrounded by light. But the next statement was far more exciting for the young scientist:

She carried [possessed / held] a box that gave forth sounds and pictures that moved, and showed wondrous visions of the future. She said it had life from lightning, and we made a machine at Her command that produced blue lightning, deadly and powerful, and She put the lightning into the box and allowed us to watch the moving images and hear the sounds.

This was such an astounding statement that Kate had to leave her workroom and go out for a walk. After all, it sounded like a video player of some kind. Was this woman from the future, or from another planet, or perhaps even from another, very advanced race that had existed on Earth but somehow kept itself secret – except for the few like Her who were seen as gods and goddesses?



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