Pope Francis Refuses “Dirty Money”

Pope Francis addressed the crowds at the Vatican this morning saying that the Catholic Church does not want dirty money. The Pope has been in the headlines frequently throughout his time as the leader of the church for his down-to-earth viewpoints and his focus on the poor and the hungry. It stands true to his theology to refuse donations to the church earned through the abuse of low-paid workers. In fact, he has called money “the dung of the devil,” condemning capitalism and earning the ire of business leaders.

Translation of the speech from Reuters:

“Some donors come to the Church offering profits from the blood of people who have been exploited, mistreated, enslaved with badly paid work,” Francis said during his regular weekly audience with pilgrims at the Vatican. “I will say to them: ‘Please take your money away, burn it’,” said Francis, who has made safeguarding the poor and cleaning up Vatican finances central tenets of his papacy. “The people of God, that is the church, do not need dirty money, they need hearts that are open to God’s mercy,”


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