Ending the USA Peacefully

In order to save liberty for the future, does the USA need to be brought to a peaceful end? In this article I will propose a barebones historical, constitutional, and economic map for ending the USA. Afterwards, I will go over the impact of grief on existing factions within the US that have unknowingly begun the process of mourning our dying republic.

My previous article, ‘Fuck The USA’ came to me like a fever dream. I had night terrors thinking about such a horrible thing. Was my country going the route of other great empires? Why was my mind producing such blasphemies? Naturally, believing in the USA is very much like believing in a religious faith. We have holidays, traditions, and a church. If Vatican City is the center of Christendom, then Washington D.C. is the center of liberty. But can the idea of modern liberty have autonomy unto itself? Is the USA, once the patron saint of freedom and liberty, now inadvertently hampering it? Is our beloved religion corrupt? Might we be doing a disservice for all liberty-seeking people of the future by keeping an ever increasing distortion of what was intended to be the champion of liberty artificially together?

Should we dissolve the USA?

But, is dissolving the USA and remaking America into a series of independent countries something that can even be legally taken on? If not, then the story ends here. In no way am I suggesting violence or overthrow or anything beyond the law whatsoever. This article should be viewed as an exploratory exercise to legally correct grievances that have become self-evident to all Americans. 

The Legal Map

In my previous article ‘Fuck The USA’, I noted RNC party boss Curly Haugland’s proclamations that ultimately the party decides the nominee, not the voter. Then on the Democratic side I discovered most of the super delegates have pledged to Hillary and would likely back her no matter the voter outcome. This snubs the voter once again. So even if all of this shakes out in ways we cannot imagine, the inside of the baseball has been exposed. The political system is blatantly rigged. Both entrenched parties, if they so choose, can ignore the will of the voter and decide to nominate your local dog catcher for president.

Where do we land? We have a system that professes liberty to the rest of the world like an arrogant sibling, whilst at home the ugly truth is revealed in backdoor parliamentary style moves that reveal something closer to a weird cooperative duel monarchy.

Surely this wasn’t the intent when the country was set up. If the founders were clever enough to get us this far by the use of vocabulary, there must be a linguistic escape hatch in the case of distortion or outright maleficence. After all, the founders were the ultimate vernacular ninjas. They knew and understood it was only the language we use and the deployment of it that was the seed from which all civilization is viewed. They must have known all good things come to an end.

I dug around and found mention of the constitution during the most recent budget crisis. The crisis had reached such a point that individual states began to coalesce and threaten to invoke this little thing called Article V in order to threaten congress to get its act together. What I found interesting was the part saying two thirds of the state legislatures can get together and call a convention and essentially enact constitutional amendments themselves. It was the ultimate threat to congress.    

So then, was it possible to have those same state legislatures bring about an amendment to dissolve the USA? I briefly spoke with Steven Hayward at Pepperdine University to get my answer.

“It would require at least three quarters of the states and maybe all fifty of the states.”  – Steven Hayward, Ronald Reagan Professor of Public Policy at Pepperdine University

So this would not be an easy task, nor would it even be a likely one. Dissolving our nation into a set of new ideologically diverse, internally harmonious nations would be a tall order.  However improbable, if the situation was bad enough, it was at least possible.

The Historical Map

Earlier I compared Vatican City to Washington D.C., which is a glorious blasphemy in its own way, regardless of which one you think is worse. The reason why I did this was to compare our notions of American-styled liberty to that of a religion. Our founders said we are endowed certain rights from our creator. No? This sounds religious, if not cultish at the least.

Faith has been challenged before in Western civilization during a time of economic and military uncertainty. This was during the Protestant Reformation.  In southern Europe they were dealing with Barbary Pirates, to the east they were dealing with a powerful Ottoman Empire; both Islamic in nature, both anti-Western in practice. Inside mainland Europe was internal strife and war. Does any of this sound familiar?

It must have been unthinkable to take the one thing that attempted to create a bond between disparate ideologies and peoples, and essentially break away from it. It must have been insane to put the very souls of Christians in danger when life could have been snubbed out in an instant. It must have seemed illogical to divide the faith of a continent when the enemies were at the gate.

But it happened. Europe survived. Christianity, although forever changed, also survived, and actually it thrived. Right or wrong, Christianity began a 300 year gallop across the globe, culminating as the unspoken but ever present religion we deal with today in America.

Could some parallels be drawn here for the USA? Could some parallels be drawn for liberty?

The Economic Map

This is an easy one. Given the idea that the USA would be partitioned off based not on demographics  or even geography, but rather economics and ideology, one could imagine the beautifully insane soup of economic architecture that each new country could come up with. Capitalist? Communist? Anarchist? This would be the point where all the shit-talking would meet reality. The real reality, the economic reality. Don’t be discouraged, Disinfonauts, this would be a good thing. This would be the American continent competing with itself again. Truly this would be a competition of good ideas, of good, sound fiscal policy, of a harmonious citizenry.  New stock markets would be born overnight. New financial vehicles would be born. New industry popped up in an instant. Banking would be forever changed. You hate the Fed? You hate a central bank? Fine, don’t have one. Godspeed, sturdy Icarus.  Each nation could define foreign economic policy for itself and arrive at alliances on the continent and abroad. This is truly the bright spot here. Welcome to Thunderdome motherfuckers.


I think oftentimes new political concepts, no matter how implausible or abstract, may not address the human toll that could be taken from its author. The impact of something like this can upend your belief systems, even in a theoretical scenario, and causes a certain amount of emotion. I do believe this idea is still mostly at an abstract stage, however I also believe that the USA will someday see its final sunset. Nothing can last forever. Judging by history, we are at least in the fall, if not the early winter of our great republic. Grief is not something to be toyed with. Grief over the loss of someone or something loved can make anyone react in irrational, sometimes destructive ways. I think subconsciously our population has already entered the various stages of grief, even if they will not admit it.   

What is the next stop?

That is really up to all of you. Nothing in this world is unimaginable. That word usually applies to tragedies in the mainstream media. Unimaginable. That word is used to tell you where your limitations are, or as one media ‘cool kid’ put it, where the guard rail of proper public discourse resides. You are ultimately the one that can vanquish that word from our vocabulary. That word is a tactical word. A word of the vocabulary war built to limit you, to funnel you to what is appropriate thinking. Some might say a revolution in vocabulary like I’m describing would be impossible because it has never happened in history. Fair enough, but I would counter the Magna Carta and its offspring, our Constitution, was unimaginable at the time, and I dare say both were far beyond the guard rail of proper public discourse.

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