The essence of life is not just circular, its a spiral

Many are familiar with the Flower of Life symbol (featured picture), and how it’s constructed with many circles. The resulting shapes and mathematics have been paralleled with all forms of existence, from the growth of plants and animals to the behavior of light and gravity. But what if the circle isn’t the core of the shape. It seems to me that the circle, and the Sacred shapes we are accustomed to making with it, leads us to understanding the next level of our own consciousness, which is the spiral.

I was first prompted to consider this perspective when looking at the shape the planets make when orbiting the sun. We’re conditioned to think, through our science classes, that each orbit is a circle, or possibly an oval, and is static. Modern observations have proven that this is not the case. Each planet moves in its own spiral around the sun, and moreover, our entire solar system is moving in a much larger spiral around the center of our galaxy.

The difference in how this motion is observed is one of scale. If you’re calculating for the landing of a spacecraft, you can easily see an orbit as a circle or an ellipse. If you’re observing the nature of reality and how the energies of life move on a more comprehensive scale, the spiral pattern emerges.

As above, so below, yes? So let’s take a look at molecular construction. The most obvious and clear example is the double helix of DNA. Our DNA is housed in the nucleus of the cell, which is circular in shape. However, the core, and more important element is the DNA itself, which presents in a spiral. This is explained by science pretty well, having to do with molecules that resist water. It turns out that this spiral helix is the best way to preserve the delicate molecular data housed in our dna, in the smallest amount of space possible.

The spiral of life

The spin is important here. Straight DNA, that twists and forms into a helix, can hold a great deal more information than circular DNA. Circular DNA has no open ends, and is found in prokaryotic organisms (single celled organisms), some viral elements, as well as our own mitochondrial DNA, which is passed down matrilineally, and remains difficult to test for in genome sequencing. Note here that the mitochondria are the parts of the cell that produce energy. Mitochondria are also the most susceptible to damage, and when they can no longer function, the cell destroys them. In most cases, they are not replaced. This is the core of degenerative disease and death.

Take a look at the patterns of our own lives. We often describe what we’re going through as cycles, swinging back and forth, and that’s somewhat true. Each year, each phase we go through does resemble a circle. But think of it this way. When you were in high school, each year you would go back and you’d have basically the same hours and the same subjects…but it would be harder. You would have to learn more. The same thing happens in our careers and our relationships. Even if you have just one career, each project will have the same phases, but you’ll be able to do it better, because you gained the information from the last one. We are able to improve our relationships by each real conversation we have with our partners. On a minute, event-level scale, it’s a circle. When you expand your perspective, it becomes a spiral, constantly expanding outward and upward with the addition of knowledge, experience, and energy.

A circle is still. It has potential energy. It can enclose ideas and information. But circles are static, and life is not. Life is constantly in motion, growing, learning, changing based on the experience of innate memory. If we capture our essence in any given moment, just for that second, we can be described by circles. Whether we are talking about the atoms that make up the matter of our bodies, or the stars we see in the sky. By pulling back our perspective to see our motion through time, we see that the progression of everything we know forms spirals.

Seth Leaf Pruzansky is editor of the blog a website devoted to globally awakening people to the power residing in their own consciousness.

Seth Leaf Pruzansky

Seth Leaf Pruzansky

Seth Leaf Pruzansky is editor of the blog a website devoted to globally awakening people to the power residing in their own consciousness. It is a miracle that Seth is even alive after his many NDE's. Now he takes what little wisdom he's earned and hopes it will have a positive effect on the world.
Seth Leaf Pruzansky