Goddamn the Religions of Abraham – How the Ritualistic Baptism in 3D Technology has Already Saved History

Temple of Baal Shamin, Palmyra, Syria Oriana Flickr CC-O

ISIS did its best to destroy everything around the Temple of Bel, but the angels of our better judgment overruled the followers of an Abrahamic religion and saved a piece to our collective past inside the binary equivalent of protective custody. The Arch of Triumph, near Bel, though it did not literally survive the attack, will be resurrected digitally.

Back in August of 2015 it was reported that the Temple of Bel was destroyed by ISIS in Palmyra, Syria. This was the usual behavior of an organization that holds civilization hostage in many ways. For most of the world, ISIS’ commodity theft and human hostage taking is the most sinister action it has to offer. It is true that those forms of terror, no matter how unoriginal, count, but the lasting damage and the kind of damage that will remain long after the last drop of oil is squeezed from the Middle East, is the fear it instills when taking over a historic site. Chances are they will destroy it, breaking another precious link to our past. Destroying another link to who we are and where we come from.

In that part of the world, ancient libraries, temples, and palaces have all endured Roman armies, Moorish conquerors, and European colonial powers. Each period as bloody or more bloody than the last, and yet the powers of the time either had the good sense to not destroy the sites that stood hundreds or thousands of years before them, or augmented them to conform to the norms of the day. Either way the sites stood for another generation to study and understand. This was an unspoken rule of most conquering powers, particularly in North Africa and the Middle East. Until ISIS, one could hardly imagine naked destruction of an ancient site simply for the sake of destruction. Now, with this cabal’s half-assed raiders they have made it the norm, and they have made it a matter of when, not if. 

Not by a long shot is this the first crew in history to demolish our past and create historical censorship. Other aberrations have been responsible for lost artifacts in human history. These bacchanals of destruction, regardless of philosophy, always lose, but in the process have bestowed in the human species what amounts a comparable symptom of amnesia or blackouts in an abuse victim. This is something like collective PTSD, where the damage was so great that nothing is left of an important memory of where we, the human race, once stood.

This is where The Institute for Digital Technology comes in and acts like a halfway house for the continuity of our human manuscript. It is filling the necessary role of parental modernity by using its powers and the prowess of technology to deny ISIS the childish desire to slide the human race back into a darker, more brutal period.

In many ways, The Institute for Digital Technology has created the technological equivalent of the atom bomb. The big bomb made a global conflict between massive nation-states obsolete, so too is the Institute’s 3D database and 3D printer making the destruction of historical sites around the planet obsolete. It will soon defang current and future threats of vulnerable sites and artifacts from the world in which we live by having those sites baptized into the immortality of the digital realm. 

How It Works

All around the planet citizen archeologists are taking multiple pictures of important sites and uploading those images into the 3D database, forever preserving the architecture from any enemy, manmade or natural. These pictures are recorded in the database in a way that they can then be recreated again in the real world with like or exact materials. This means recreations of sites soon lost or long lost can be drawn out from the database and applied to a 3D printer and recreated for the world to experience again. This 3D printer is not like anything you can order on Amazon. The printer is capable of handling stone carving on an industrial scale. This printer’s current project is recreating the surviving Triumphal Arch in Palmyra and installing it at Trafalgar Square in London. Another installment of the arch is tentatively scheduled for NYC in September. 

The stated goal of recreating the arch that was destroyed at the site of Bel is one of defiance. Civilizations trying to show their strength by denying the past and destroying valuable historical sites is becoming an obsolete practice. Just like what the atom bomb did for large nation-states wanting to rock n’ roll by bayonet.

In Dreams

The birth of this incredible technology must go through the paces of adolescence to maturity.  Right now we are in the adolescent phase hallmarked by its rebellion. The technology is at a point where it can say, I can save anything you try to destroy. Go ahead and try me. I will recreate it ten times, all over the world with pagan idolatry and make millions recognize that huge, advanced civilizations existed before your religious view even came into being. This is a natural phase of wanting to show the world that you are worthy and it is the world, indeed, that is behind the times. That is a very natural thing to want. 

What I’m excited about is what’s next. What comes once the technology has matured? In many ways we can recreate the world without regard for the normal physical limitations that we face right now, things like geography or quantity.

Why keep only one version of the Pergamon Alter or the Parthenon? Why not have copies of this in private hands, for movies, for ceremonies, or in the middle of Central Park? How about Cleopatra’s Needle in Wichita? Perhaps homesick astronauts on decades long missions can at least look out to structures on strange planets like Mars and see monuments that remind them of home? Do you see the almost endless possibilities here?

Allah, the joke is on you

I say for every pagan site destroyed in the name of an Abrahamic God, we erect ten all over the world and cast sigils and pagan ceremonies against the flames of the night. Let’s test the mettle of the big three of Abraham’s religions.  Goddamn Abraham and his followers for creating a prison in this life and the next. 

This 3D database is more than a binary bridge to the past. This is a clean break from the past. We can hold on when need be and let go when necessary. Each generation can pull from our collective memory and build what is necessary and drop what is not. We are not at the mercy of the political or geographical related variables when it comes to what we need to access from our past to clarify our present and future. That past can now be reconstructed immediately, unvarnished by the passing winds of time.      


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