Just Another Day: 4/20

Perhaps as good a sign as any that marijuana is pretty much as mainstream as tobacco is that hardly anyone in the US thinks about 4/20 as “International Lighting Up Time” anymore. Nor does April 20th (4/20 in the American way of expressing dates) retain the counterculture holiday status of yore, perhaps because you don’t need to be at a 4/20 celebration to smell skunk weed at more or less any time of day in most American cities.

In a park near disinformation HQ in New York City, for instance, high school kids smoke every day around 8 AM before walking into school, as well as during lunch break and after school. The smell of weed is more common than tobacco nearly everywhere in the city.

If you’re planning on toking up at 4:20 PM, or any time on 4/20, enjoy it but don’t think you’re counterculture any longer: you’re mainstream!


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