Record Store Day: Origins and Evolution

From Indie Bohemians:

As April 16 is Record Store Day, this week we did a special Record Store Day episode. We recorded this episode in Minneapolis and went to two different stores, the Electric Fetus and Extreme Noise. Electric Fetus is an independent record shop that has been serving the area for over 30 years. Bob Fuchs, manager, shares with us the peaks and valleys of the business, the origins of Record Store Day, and his involvement in it past and present. Extreme Noise is a punk rock co-op store. We speak with one of the volunteers, Ryan, about what Record Store Day means to them and their role in the music scene in Minneapolis.

Ron Placone and Carmen Morales have made it to LA and check in from the #WHIGComedyTour.

Krish Mohan delivers a FFON and Angie Dorin a Monkey Minute.