What is the supernatural potential of human consciousness? Here’s what mine is like.

There is a unified field of conscious energy emanating from the core of our being and it is connected to all things great and small.

The more that we focus our awareness on this field the more our awareness of its potential within is amplified.

And as our perception of its potential expands inwardly, we soon feel this frequency vibrating throughout every cell of our physical being. They vibrate individually and yet at the same time in synchrony with each other creating alignment within and around our body. This leads to the harmony of our authentic self.

The more acutely aware of this feeling we become the more this “force” begins to communicate through seemingly countless almost geometric “energy” centers and points of “light” that can be likened to the understanding of what a chakra is. They are like energetic acupressure and acupuncture points naturally existing in and also around the living temple of our human body.

Like countless distant stars in a perfectly clear night sky, our inner view of self becomes like looking out into the Milky Way galaxy while being sensually blanketed by the bright glow of aurora borealis.

And just as significant celestial alignments have the ability to occur in outer space, so too do they here, in this inner space. But the more clear and honest that we get with ourselves the more we realize the possibility for much greater significance “in here” as opposed to “out there.”

The reason for this is that our inner view reveals the potential for a seemingly “perfect” alignment in which this unified field of conscious energy can become more aware of itself through us.

Then when we’re able to reach even deeper into this natural meditation of hyper self-awareness, this conscious energy will then give birth to an ineffable living geometric field that can be said with certainty is absolutely self-aware through “us.”

Aside from all the obvious words that people have used to describe this state such as God, Allah, Brahma or Christ Consciousness, it can more practically be thought of as “Divine Electricity.”

It’s a good explanation because it is the energetic precursor that sends signals to catalyze every function in our human bodies.

Through our brain and nervous system it alchemically sends the electrical impulses that cause our lungs to breathe, our heart to beat and thoughts to arise in our minds. It is what allows us to be self-aware as an evolving human being. It is our pure consciousness, free of any thoughts created by the egoic and separatist mind.

When we focus our attention inside of ourselves, on the place from which thoughts arise, we find this miraculous electrical substance coiled up and waiting for our ego to perceive it. It is the soul. And upon our ego’s acknowledgment that it is indeed the soul, it reveals that it never was separate from the person we believed ourselves to be.

All that happened was that we unknowingly allowed the world to condition our mind to the degree that we weren’t perceptively aware enough to know this part of our self. This left us lost and incomplete, a ship to wreck in an endless sea of energy.

But all that has changed now because we are able to find what we’ve always been looking for! Or is it the other way around? Maybe it is finding itself through us!?!

In any case it truly is Divine Electricity, the miracle of life in action. All that we need do is surrender our egoic awareness to it and it does the rest.

When we focus the dysfunctional aspects of our human perception on this Divine Electricity, it imbues itself into them. Doing this heals our whole being and it brings about a balance that causes us to function in a way that’s supported by forces so much bigger than we are able to perceive with our human mind.

We become deeply humbled to have learned that our soul is able to perceive this spiritual magnanimity because it actually “IS” that spiritual greatness! It just takes intentional union on the part of our focused ego to realize it.

Seth Leaf Pruzansky

Seth Leaf Pruzansky

Seth Leaf Pruzansky is editor of the blog www.TheUniversalObserver.com a website devoted to globally awakening people to the power residing in their own consciousness. It is a miracle that Seth is even alive after his many NDE's. Now he takes what little wisdom he's earned and hopes it will have a positive effect on the world.
Seth Leaf Pruzansky