Techno-Mystics Erik Davis and Michael Garfield on the Third Eye Drops Show

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Welcome back friends and thank you for plugging your consciousness into our conversational catma coven!

Davis_erik_2008_rauner_michaelThe brilliant Erik Davis is an author, journalist, PhD scholar, podcaster and lecturer with an incredible CV. His classic book, Techgnosis Myth Magic and Mysticism In the Age of Information draws novel, fascinating correlations between technology religion and mysticism.   

Michael Garfield is an all-around silver tongue-tipped spear of information.

mgtedHe writes for websites like Big Think, creates art and music and is just generally bordering on star child territory.

This conversation goes all over the place (in the best possible way). But, if I had to boil it down, I’d say it’s all about evading the awe-sucking tentacles of society’s deeply-entrenched dogma dealers and power structures. To do it, we must to expand, reconsider and diversify the types of knowledge we explore. We’ve got to be active wonder-seekers. We have to establish our subjective inner-worlds as legitimate frontiers worth exploring, developing and celebrating. In short, we’ve got to do the work. 

We’ve also got to be careful not to take our catma (I’m in love with this word) quest too far, for if we do, we’re sure to end up deep in the realm of woo, a place where few are taken seriously. 

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