Advanced Sigil Projection II: The Alien Languages of the Future

While reading volume I of this series (here if you missed it) some people might have wondered where the advanced sigil projection title was coming from as I didn’t write much about sigils per se. And that’d be the thing about sigils, I’ve never honestly used them in the way say Austin Osman Spare or Grant Morrison prescribed. I mean, it’s chaos magick, you’re supposed to be putting your own spin on it, customizing your practice to fit your subjective microverse. I took the basics and tweaked it more than substantially, partially based on what I’d read about remote viewing protocol. Both practices involve assigning meaning to symbols (in the case of remote viewing numbers) and the idea that the subconscious mind can pick up on that meaning. Here’s the thing though, when I was in my late teens and early twenties I also read a crap ton of books about alien contactees. It’s funny how these things spiral, and how I got into that was supremely weird and synchronous actually.

I was at the thrift store a few weeks after I’d first had my ontology aggressively reassembled by the super hallucinogen that is psilocybin. So I’m just picking up some new outfits for the weekend while processing all that and for some reason I feel completely drawn to a copy of Whitley Streiber’s Communion in the used book bin. Thing is, I’m looking at it with complete mocking disdain, then I notice it’s only 99 cents so I just have to buy it, as a joke. No really, that’s how effective propaganda is. As an 18 year old I was completely convinced that the idea of the aliens with the giant almond eyes was utterly preposterous. Conformity’s a bitch. Everyone else was acting like it was nuts.

So it was much to my surprise when I actually read the thing. Hmmmm, a lot of what he’s talking about seemed to mirror the multi-dimensional model of reality that had just downloaded itself into me because of the “drugs”. Wasn’t expecting that. As mentioned, these reading jags tend to spiral and still to this day I sometimes stumble on these nuts and bolts UFO theories (or say catch an episode of Ancient Aliens) and am just like, grrrrrrr. What about the hyper-weird spiritual element to it all? This is why we can’t have nice things. Truth? Because of the rut that supposed UFO’ology has been stuck in forever, it’s been probably a decade since I’ve even cracked a book about the topic at all, until just recently when I ran through The Super Natural by Streiber and Jeffrey Kripal. Great book and it reminded me of how much Streiber I’d read as a youth. Guy has more out there sex magick stories than any magickian I’ve ever read myself included, and I’ve seen some beyond far out shit (new channeled book, only a $5 download). Never been raped by a daemon goddess though. Never suckled at the art projective vag of hyperdimensional insect queen and tasted its vision inducing juices. I’d forgotten how unbelievably odd this whole thing with Whitley had gotten so the book was a nice refresher.

What I hadn’t forgotten in all my years of reading various contactee accounts was the somniferous telepathically projecting eyes thing. That story showed up in so many varied accounts it was sort of undeniable. When I started experiencing this in my dream states I wasn’t surprised. I’ve always said the magick is largely about the evolution of language toward telepathy, and what I’m getting at with that is that sigil magick needs to evolve. This is what you’re working toward when you cast your first sigil, which is only a rudimentary first step in a much larger process. What you’re honestly trying to do is get to the point where you can project arty metaphorical thoughts directly into the minds of others as a means of daily communication. I think with any real effort, we could solve this sort of mystery in another 50 years or so, but here’s the thing, I don’t think it’s going to happen in a wholly sober state. I think we’ll find some way to turn on and off a lightly altered headspace which will facilitate mind to mind communication. I love how we never talk about how weird hypnosis is when you get down to it. You read reports of people somehow picking up on the unspoken thoughts of the hypnotist from time to time. God knows I’ve had ESP type shit happen a bunch with my wife. We could figure out a way to hone this process, but opening ourselves up to this stuff will in turn open us up to the reality of the much larger multiverse of consciousness we’re embedded in, which is why we’re so biased against its potentiality.

I don’t hear people say this enough, but what always struck me about supposed “alien” phenomenon, is that it seemingly has a fairly clear cut message at it’s core that not very many people are talking about much. Mainly, that humanity’s future transformative tech is going to arise from 2 emerging fields, genetics and psi. I guess the reason no one talks about this seemingly obvious interpretation of contact phenomenon would be that those are currently quite possibly the 2 most controversial fields of study imaginable. Seriously, the human imagination has limitless untapped potentiality. That’s just science fact. What are you going to say acid doesn’t make you trip balls? Are you saying people don’t have lucid dreams, because it’s sort of been proven that they do. But researching psychedelics was made illegal 50 years ago and getting research into psi anything done is going to get you completely ostracized by mainstream academia regardless of the results. Human cloning is illegal in 30 countries and is widely frowned upon where it’s not. Every time I watch people talking about building super AI I’m like, wouldn’t it be way easier to build super people? It’s like you’re trying to create rudimentary inorganic genetic technology when you could just be tweaking the far superior tech that’s you’re literally made of. Hell, people with zero scientific background made me this impossibly adorable little freak out of a wolf somehow, and they weren’t even splicing DNA:

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken