Advanced Sigil Projection I: An Inverted Cosmology

Over the years I’ve gotten continual requests for magick instruction from readers, which puts me in an odd position. First of all, I think the concept of magick in general is ridiculous. From what I’ve experienced, the only reason we think of this sort of thing as magick has to do with a profound and fundamental ignorance in regards to all things altered states of consciousness. If we knew more about this sort of shit or gasp, studied it, we wouldn’t think of it as magick anymore. We’d call it something else, something less mysterious and vague. And that’d be the other thing, I don’t honestly think you can learn this stuff in books or classes really. At least this has been my experience. You have to learn it by means of direct contact with the spirit world, which typically happens in some sort of altered state. That all being said, it has recently occurred to me I have in fact downloaded a ton of psychic intel into my being over the last 10 years of practice that could in fact be potentially helpful to an aspiring mage. I recently released my first largely channeled book (only a $5 download, it’ll totally re-write your cultural imprinting), but that’s almost an art book as much as it is a magick book, albeit a living art book mind you.

Mainly, when someone asks me about whether or not a particular book or class is a good one, I’ll take a quick look and go, ummm, well, that’s not remotely what I’d recommend, but ultimately I have no clue. In general it strikes me that a lot of say chaos magick is more influenced by atheism than anything else. It’s sort of taking the spirituality out of the equation and from what I’ve been shown, this stuff operates on a deep spiritual level that I personally don’t remotely comprehend. So I think you’re missing probably the most important aspect of the practice if you go that route. In fact, the most continual message that’s come through hypnagogic ether over the years in my microverse is that thought does not arise from matter, but rather matter is comprised from thought. I keep waking up in an alternate realm and having this explained to me over and over again. Look, your world is made of imagination at its core. Then I pull back into the tedium of my waking existence and am like, I get it on one level, but on another I don’t, which is why I imagine why they keep beating it into me. When you take this most fundamental of lessons out of your underlying philosophy, I’m not really certain magick is going to do a whole hell of a lot. In fact, the popular history of the Occult sort of leads one to believe that magick in general doesn’t work at all. More to the point, I’ve been sort of forced to confront the fact that because of organized religion’s calculated slandering of the craft, it currently attracts people who are going to use it to self-destruct quite spectacularly.

And yet you also have the ancient pyramids and all of these megalithic architectural sites which point to a star obsessed spirit science beyond what we’re currently capable of with all our flashy electronic technology. You also have new research into psychedelic drugs which is quite quickly demonstrating that you can create more profound spiritual experiences by calculatedly manipulating brain chemistry than you ever could by singing hymns in a church or reading the Bible obsessively. Another way to put that would be, culturally we think shamanism is a bunch of superstitious bullshit, but science has now formally proven that it’s not. Sorry about the genocide y’all. Our bad on all that. You also have meditation, which has now been repeatedly demonstrated to have all kinds of mental and physical benefits. And on the far end of the spectrum you have remote viewing, which again, has been demonstrated to work over and over again (albeit not nearly as effectively as military interests would have liked), but gets completely ignored by mainstream science and society because we can’t deal with the implications. And the implications are fucking weird to say the least.

The implication of course would be that all consciousness is connected on a level we don’t currently understand, which is why what we currently call magick works. Jung called this the collective unconscious and the concept is represented metaphorically by the internet I might point out. If you’re going to start treading down this path, repeat that mantra to yourself over and over again. Magick works because all consciousness is interconnected. All consciousness is interconnected, which is why magick works. It really is that simple and again, this reality has actually been scientifically proven (then conveniently slandered as pseudoscience and ignored). When you cast a sigil or try and will a plotline into motion, this is possible because everyone is in fact tied together on an invisible level beyond our current understanding. The force that’s tying us all together would be considered the Holy Spirit when put in terms of Christian Gnosticism (refer to my guide to the holy trinity of timespace perception for more details on that). So, what you’re doing with basic sigil projection is attempting to will a coherent narrative into the collective plotline of humanity. I’ll get to the techniques I’ve tried in that regard in future posts, but the whole process is alarmingly simple and you can read a brief overview here. What’s not simple is de-programming the cultural conditioning you’ve been fed since birth and acknowledging that the objective literal way of thinking you’ve been taught is not only just one way of understanding the world we live in, but also an incredibly limited one that blinds us to the intricate nature of consciousness as much as it illuminates anything.

One of the weirdest things I noticed when I first started practicing magick is what I now refer to as an inverted cosmology. Everywhere you look, inwardly and outwardly, you’re faced with primal dualities. Order vs. Chaos, Angelick vs. Daemonic, Structure vs. Anti-Structure, Good vs. Evil, Yin vs. Yang, etc. Now, I’m one to first dismiss this and insist that nothing in life can be broken down to such simplistically convenient subdivisions, but I’m also further forced to acknowledge that there’s actually some supreme wisdom here, in fact, it represents the basic means of all creation. People are created by the merging of masculine and feminine genetics and computer code can be broken down to zeros and ones. What strikes me as beyond weird is that the shamanic or Occult perspective might as well be a mirrored inverse of atheistic scientism. No, really. From a western reductionist perspective the supposed physical world is the only thing that’s “real”, and nothing that isn’t recorded in this space or outwardly repeatable supposedly doesn’t exist. From the more shamanic viewpoint, the physical world is an illusion and only inner experiences can truly be considered “real”. They’re 2 sides of the same coin, the problem being that we’re all shamelessly manipulated into thinking that the overtly materialistic perspective is the only true way of understanding our world. While never one to devalue the importance of this perspective, it doesn’t take a genius to point out that this is only one way of understanding reality, and going too far in that direction, as we have, actually blinds us to some obvious truths.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken