Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer is a Bum: Disrespecting the Petty Bourgeoisie and Other Vulgar Uses of Power

There is a scene in the movie The Great Rock N’ Roll Swindle where Steve Jones, guitarist of the Sex Pistols, takes a huge shit on a gold record, thereby showing contempt for success in record sales. These sales are funded by fans that loved their music. For this article, Barbara Boxer is Steve Jones and I haven’t decided if the Democratic voters are the pile of shit or the gold record. Probably the gold record because they bought the music, but that pile of shit has an appeal that is exotic and forbidden.

This isn’t a time-sensitive article despite being couched in the chaos of the Nevada caucus for the Democrats. Barbara Boxer’s dumbfounded interview with CNN only cemented that they are dealing with structural issues within the Democratic Party’s political class and their abused constituencies. Her shock at the anger of Bernie supporters was only eclipsed by her wildly stupid remarks about needing a personal security attaché to feel safe. So what is it Babs? You want their vote, but only at a safe distance?  Talk about classist. On first blush you sounded like the stereotypical conservative rich white male that gets constantly lampooned, but you don’t fit the bill. To be a good bad guy you need to be smart. From that interview you sounded more Barney Fife than Lex Luthor.

How the DNC Alienated This Voter

Watching the fury of the Bernie crowd made me flashback to the loss of my own faith as a Democrat. I knew the pain they were feeling. I knew that some of those in the crowd were realizing the party doesn’t care about what is fair.

When I turned 18 the 1st Clinton campaign was underway. I eagerly waited to get registered and then I voted for Bill Clinton. I was excited and liberal in all things. I was a hard left, proud, boot marching, louder than love, liberal. 


But then I lost faith in the Democratic Party during the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal. Once I knew feminist groups like NOW would eventually fall in line with protecting Bill Clinton, I lost hope. I was young and idealistic. I was a true believer, but after the media scapegoated Monica Lewinsky and made Paula Jones’ sexual harassment lawsuit appear as if it was trivial I saw what real politics was all about. It disgusted me. The president lied under oath. The president was accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick. What were the feminist groups going to do? What was hard hitting journalists like Rolling Stone and the Washington Post going to do? Instead of writing stories like they did with the Duke Lacrosse team that was accused of rape, they buried Juanita Broaddrick. Instead of writing stories like they did when Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut, they repeated the narrative of James Carville and Hillary: that Lewinsky was an insane, stalking, fat chick with daddy issues that shouldn’t spread her legs so easy. I was crestfallen. I mean this with all sincerity. I didn’t understand, and it hurt. I couldn’t imagine the humiliation Lewinsky went through. They lost me forever.

There must have been a party waiting in the wings to scoop up disenfranchised voters like me. There wasn’t.

There must be a party now waiting in the wings to scoop up Bernie voters that are disenfranchised. There isn’t.

The problem is the Democratic Party has now become the dominate morality in the nation and the Republican opposition has more or less been relegated to a second tier position of only reacting to the latest outrage the left can come up with. Do you really think the North Carolina bathroom havoc just happened to come up in an election year? The Republicans still haven’t seemed to make the connection, and if they have they are keeping it to themselves. It’s not that I have a problem with the moral right. It’s just they are so fucking gullible. Also their message is stale and boring. Because most of the right is elected out of rural counties and likely have a rural upbringing and education, they are not equipped to handle the vocabulary nuance and restraint required to handle the larger national stage that often looks like a WWE cage match. This inability to jump in and make the harsh transition can be evidenced by old white men birthing horrific phrases like “legitimate rape.” The more sophisticated urban right-wingers have to endure well-educated hillbillies that have no idea where or when they are.

Up until the DNC debacle in Nevada elected officials saying asinine things has been a uniquely Republican problem. And then like a gift from the Old Testament enters Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, reveling in all her glorious ignorance. Suddenly, in a fashion that can only be described as dazzling do we see the mirror opposite of the hillbilly that is in tune with his rural constituents but out of tune with the national dialogue. Boxer, at the Nevada convention was so completely out of touch with her core constituents that she actually had the balls to refer to her security team to keep her safe from the pack of ragamuffins before her. Let them eat cake? Fuck that! Get me the hell out of here!

Sure, unlike her rural Republican colleagues, Boxer is in tune with the national dialogue, the national cage match. She knows what to say about LGBT issues. She knows about the struggles of single mothers, of working mothers, of the wage gap between employee and CEO. But she is sorely out of touch with the actual people that live these issues. She is out of touch with the true believers, the base of the party. It’s almost a perfect film negative of rural Republican representatives.   

I’m not even going to get into whether or not her security team was armed. That is a whole series of gun articles that would have to meet at the crossroads of wealth, politics and celebrity. I don’t have the energy to approach this tar pit right.

That’s all I have for now.


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