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In our modern world full of entertainment and instant gratification, there is a serious need for those who will encourage us to think critically. But critical thought alone is not enough. We need those who will inspire us to think critically in expansive and universal terms, to pull back from our individual day-to-day worries and look at ourselves on a much bigger scale.

We need visionaries who see beyond the physical appearance of the way we’re accustomed to viewing the world. We need guides who can help us think: as individual human beings, what is the potential of our consciousness and how do we IMMEDIATELY apply that potential to the madness that is our current collective human experience?

With the exception of a rare few, most of those who suggest we think critically are not doing so themselves, though they may believe themselves to be. Their suggestions of critical thought, when examined, are biased by egotistical virtues.  These thoughts, opinions, feelings and judgments are not really their own. And sadly, despite their confidence, they’re usually the last ones to realize that.

If their thoughts are not their own, then whose thoughts are they?

In the vast majority of cases, they are just a recycled version of other people’s thoughts and ideas expressed with their own twist or a flair of their own interpretation and personality. The worrisome thing about all this is that most of us don’t realize how heavily we’ve been influenced by the thoughts of others.

From even before the time we are conceived, we are filled with the thoughts and emotions of others, imprinting us with their views on life.  The thought patterns of mothers has been shown to determine certain pathways in the brain of her offspring, and babies are taught by parents, teachers, and the media.  Lessons and habits learned before the age of 6, even though we may not remember creating them, are the foundation for how we end up living our life, and can be difficult forms to break.

No matter if we are influenced directly or indirectly we are all but oblivious to the realization that most of our thoughts are not our own.  We could trace this idea of the masses not thinking thoughts that are their own and instead thinking the recycled thoughts of others far back into antiquity, possibly even into the beginnings of human existence on this planet…whenever that was.

This leaves any individual who feels the desire to think critically with some serious collective thought parameters to overcome.  Many people don’t even know how to think critically, and can face an uphill battle with their own mind.

Conformists will tell us “we can’t think for ourselves and make our own path in this world. We have to ‘fit in’ to the world the way it is, the way others have made it.”

Does anyone smell BS?

These parameters are spawned and molded by BS (belief systems) that are almost entirely the result of other peoples’ belief systems. They are not ours and they don’t have to be ours unless we knowingly or unknowingly accept them as our own.  These belief systems have been molded and shaped through countless centuries, passed from ruling classes to the masses, or from parent to child, as an external, artificial rulebook for how to live life.

What then really is true critical thought? Is it the guise of critical thinking cloaked by the human species engrained follow-the-leader mentality? Or is there a way to break out of these collective thought forms and start thinking luminous and truly original thoughts?  Additionally, what is it that we are being encouraged to think about by the mere suggestion of critical thinking alone? The true objective reality or only the ego based ‘human elements’ contained therein?

The last time that I checked we are all on a living blue and green rock that is spinning around a star! And that star itself is a part of a galaxy contained within a universe whose essential nature is expanding exponentially. (just watching this gif will dramatically expand your consciousness)

The point? We are just one little piece of something that is way bigger than any or all of us together! Am I sounding way ‘out there?’

Well, we are all ‘out there.’ And we’re not just ‘out there,’ we are WAY THE FUCK OUT THERE! In fact is there a person who can say with certainty that they know where they are or what this world is?

Does anybody really know anything about the nature of reality that is substantive enough to form a singular intellectually based critical analysis? Is there anyone qualified enough to forge a belief system that can eventually be accepted as ‘normal’ by the masses? This includes me, the opinionated individual writing this article!

But despite my rant, YES! There is someone who knows something substantive about the nature of reality. And if we all start listening to that person we can bypass the widespread acceptance of all belief systems and in their place incorporate an experiential perspective of reality that encompasses while transcending all of space and time!

Who is that person? You might not believe it at first but that person is you! It’s also me. And it even includes everyone who is alive on this planet right now. What? What is your dear writer talking about?

Welcome to “critically feeling from a universal perspective 101.”

Collectively, we human beings have proven that we are the most destructive and least capable earthly species there is in terms of living harmoniously with nature.  This wasn’t true of indigenous cultures.  Instead, this destruction is inherent in modern society because we are so separated from our own nature and from the Earth herself.

Why are we so out of touch with nature? The reason is because we are out of touch with our own inner nature.  What if our ability to think critically could be supercharged by learning how to feel critically from a universal perspective?

We are so used to feeling from our own personal desires and dramas that we think that’s all there is to feel.  The analogy has been made before, that we are jailed in a prison of our own making, a prison of our own minds.

We are a species driven by the pursuit and fulfillment of our own egotistical needs to the degree that each of us alone and together, either consciously or unconsciously believes that we are the center of the universe.  It’s true in a sense, too.  We are the individual center of our own experience, but that’s not what most of us consider.  We often think of collecting things, like money, cars, and houses, instead of collecting experiences, or even creating things like health, gardens, and joy.

We believe that our physical or emotional needs alone are the most important thing going on in the world and we are literally so self-obsessed about it that we are trapped in our own drama of egotistical psychosis.

But the reality is that we are all alone-together! Many people feel alone yet they somehow (even if they don’t know why) know that we are all in this together. Many people say that the word alone is a combination of two different words: ‘all’ and ‘one.’ Is the word ‘alone’ trying to evolve into “All One?” That’s the least of our concerns.

Seth Leaf Pruzansky

Seth Leaf Pruzansky

Seth Leaf Pruzansky is editor of the blog a website devoted to globally awakening people to the power residing in their own consciousness. It is a miracle that Seth is even alive after his many NDE's. Now he takes what little wisdom he's earned and hopes it will have a positive effect on the world.
Seth Leaf Pruzansky