Inside Today’s Merry Pranksters with Milton Rosenberg

From the Indie Bohemians:

Fan of the Merry Pranksters? Want to learn more about what the movement is? Milton Rosenberg is a poet, creator and Festival Producer. He was on the Merry Prankster Bus in 2014 after successfully applying. He became interested in the movement at an early age after following the Grateful Dead and later purchasing memorabilia from Ken Kesey. This lead to him wanting to produce events in his home of Venice, CA. Milton shares his experience with the Merry Pranksters of today, as well as gives an explanation of the group for anyone unfamiliar. We also discuss his upcoming event, the Venice Spring Fling, and the trials, tribulations and rewards of producing Festivals and what it means to celebrate the arts.

Also in this episode: Ron Placone and Carmen Morales discuss the election, Ron’s run for Student Council President in High School, the climate in Los Angeles and more!

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