Trump Announces Monica Lewinsky as his VP Pick

In a surprise move on Wednesday Donald Trump formally named Monica Lewinsky as his Vice Presidential pick even after Ted Cruz and Kasich bowed out of the race.

With a decisive victory in the Indiana primary Tuesday, the billionaire businessman who was initially ridiculed as a fringe candidate was declared the party’s presumptive nominee by Republican National Chairman Committee Reince Priebus. Trump has defeated 16 primary rivals, including some of the GOP’s top governors and senators, and defied the conventional wisdom that he wouldn’t run and couldn’t win.

“We’re going after Hillary Clinton,” Trump vowed in a victory speech Tuesday in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York. “She will not be a great president. She will not be a good president.So, After a great deal of consideration, I have come to the conclusion that the only way to beat Hillary Clinton at the polls is with her worst enemy,”

Lewinsky told CNN in an interview “We’re going to beat Hillary at every poll in America. Together, Trump and I will make America great again!”

People immediately took to twitter to tweet their support or vent their frustrations.



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