Advanced Sigil Projection IV: It’s Not a Human Conspiracy

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Hmmm, how’s the best way to put this? Delving into things like the Occult and astral projection has lead me into some experiences where I’m just like, ummmm, yeah. I see what you’re showing me there, and ummm, wow. Human’s don’t have a fucking clue what’s really going on, do they? We never have and we never truly will. That’s sort of the point. The joke wouldn’t be funny if we did. We’re supposed to be in the dark about this shit. That’s the great Occcult conspiracy. Not that there are secret societies trying to summon people out of church and into the Occult, but that there are forces at play keeping us as far away from this stuff as possible to make us helpless. “Blind and in line” as it was once so eloquently communicated to me from beyond. I’ve always said that the spiritual ignorance of humanity certainly seems conspiratorial. Not to hammer home a point and beat the dick out of a dead horse, but mainstream science barely has a functional explanation for dreams at this point in human history, largely because it’s organized religion’s bitch. But lest we not forget that religion is merely a tool of imperialism. The most dangerous idea to expansionary capitalism is in fact the idea that you can get far greater kicks by manipulating your own brain patterns and chemistry on the cheap than you ever could buying a million dollar yacht. What’s a lavish vacation when you can take a trip to alternate universe telepathy Mars for free. Gnostic spirituality runs counter to the culture of expansionary capitalism. Say it with me, counter culture.

Yeah, whatever happened to that? Something I can contemplate while I work on retooling my own personal brand. Let’s not kid ourselves here, corporate psychology is more dangerous than guns, terrorists, killer viruses or whatever other imminent threat the media happens to be selling you whenever you’re reading this. Utterly fucking terrifying, and guess what? It won. First companies became people and now we’re literally talking about how people need to become more like corporations. I had to look for a new job recently due to a corporate buyout. I was at one point paid to sit in classes where this was explained to me quite specifically. What I’m getting at is that there’s some supremely unholy shit going down behind the scenes on this talking monkey freak show planet. I don’t even know where to start.

First off, I’ve mentioned this before, but here’s the main problem with our current state of spiritual/scientific development: We think that consciousness must be constrained to a physical body and exist within a linear timestream. From what I’ve been shown, neither one of these things are true. Now, you’ve got to keep in mind that all human logic is based on the idea that this is the case. It’s not. Not only is this not the case for the incalculably vast number of alternate forms of intelligence that exist in the cerebral multiverse, but it’s not even true for us. We all just behave as if it is because we’ve been forcefully hypnotized into the concept. It’s a linguistic pattern virus stemming from an embedded insistence on dividing our world into the binary concepts of real and not real. When you truly manage to undo yourselves from the chains of that virus, well, that’s when things gets hyper weird. As for how to do this, reading my book’s as good an exercise in hypnotic deprogramming as anything ($5 download, just sayin’).

Here’s what I’ve been forced to deal with. Not only do countless forms of strange extradimesional entities exist, but they’re all around us at all times. Not just all around us at all times, but influencing our reality continually. These are the secret forces pulling the strings of the marionette film that is our world. We’re entertainment to them. I’ve had multiple encounters now where this point has been hammered home, several just recently I might point out. I’m in a lucid dream state and there’s another entity with me, teaching me, guiding the dream’s contents. I know that I’m dreaming and I also know that I’m not consciously in control of the dream. Something else has taken control of the scene and is now educating me as to the nature of the larger reality. I’m looking down on humans from a third person perspective from above. I’m shown that not only can I get into their heads and control them remotely by focusing my will, I can also fly into their subjective worlds and take control of their behavior for brief periods. The thing is, I’m not just shown this, but I do it. I live it. I have the experience of swooping in and entering the head of another individual and somehow absorbing its plot while retaining control of the situation and not going completely out of character. I alter the course of this particular narrative then jump back out, again now looking at the situation from a calculated distance. In one recent encounter, I was viewing all these little subjective microverse portals into various individuals and choosing which one’s direction needs to be altered. In this case, as I entered these people’s worlds, there was a faint trail of black mist emanating around the entry way and exit point. Later while meditating I was told that this dark psi-substance represented “depression”.

Not long after a virtual friend probably far more adept at spirit communication than me (but sort of in denial about it) shot me a message about a vision she had. There was a black mist like entity roving around her town, entering the minds of drunk people and spreading negativity and mayhem. As she was pulling out of the encounter, she was told that this vision was intended for me, which is why she was telling me the whole story in the first place. I get it, they’ve been hammering home this point in my world forever. It’s just that I’m sort of in denial about it because it’s so contrary to my culture’s cosmological programming. What I’ve been forced to confront is that not only is there a spirit world, but the mysterious unbound forces that exist in these alternate dimensions of consciousness can get into people’s heads and influence their behavior without them even knowing that this is happening. In their little world, they just had an odd idea or notion spontaneously. They might even jokingly say they were “possessed” . These spirit forms can hone in on your thoughts and your entire genetic history throughout cycles of lifetimes. We’re viewing one world that’s a maniacal carnie ride of dark humor from our perspective, from their vantage point it’s just that much more of a ridiculously delicious spectacle. They can see our thoughts. The difference is that we think it’s all super important and they don’t, and that’s where we need to get. To the point where we’re in on the joke. The point where we realize how small we are in the grand scale of the cerebral multiverse. It’s hilarious that even high profile science nuts like Elon Musk are now speculating that our world is like a computer simulation, but they’re not really asking the larger question which is: who the fuck is playing the game?

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken