Advanced Sigil Projection V: Reconceptualizing the Daemonic

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Before I started practicing magick, I chalked up concepts of angelick and daemonic or light and dark forms of spiritual energy in the category of ridiculous shit I learned in church. Even though I was seeing this sort of thing in my astral projections states, I also sort of refused to acknowledge the obviousness of it. And again, I’d be the first to point out how dangerous binary thinking can be in general. The artistic part of my mind wants to reject the great duality but there it is. Chaos and Order, Dark and Light, Structure and Anti-structure, Day and Night. Over and over again. There were metaphorical representations of it everywhere I looked which eventually lead me to concede that there’s supreme wisdom in it all. Moreover, the push and pull between the great dualities is in fact the primary creative force of the universe, which is sexual at its very core. The exchange of masculine and feminine DNA literally creates our world. The structure of matter vs. the forward moving anti-structure of time provides the framework for the narrative that we call life.

Which is why I think it’s impossible to understand how these non physical forms of consciousness are represented in the higher planes while looking at them as warring factions, which is conveniently how all the major world’s religions insist on viewing them. It should be of no great surprise that a culture steeped in a spiritual narrative involving extra dimensional warfare finds itself lost in a perpetual state of war. We’ve got to rewrite this conceptual misunderstanding of ancient shamanic wisdom if we’re ever going to pull ourselves out of this violent masculine nosedive. The strangest thing about our warring spiritual faction narrative is that it doesn’t even fit the material at all. Not even in the slightest. I mean, I’ve read the entire Bible as a result of being forced to in Sunday School. Where are you getting the idea that God’s this force of excruciating good and Satan’s this goth creep who feeds on human suffering? Last time I checked, the God of the Old Testament’s a total fucking asshole, and when I talk about an intentional psi grid binding the human cattle to our overpopulation slave world (like I did in the last edition), according to the Book of Genesis, this whole charade was God’s brain child in the first place. God cursed us, not Satan. The real question is why.

To back track a bit before I get into all that, let me first tell a little story. A few months ago I found myself in the presence of what Occultists historically refer to as my Holy Guardian Angel\Alien (tons of stories about this sort of thing in my new book, $5 download, you know the drill). I was in a deep ganj-i-tative state and it happened very suddenly. Just sort of spacing out and then, hey, your higher dimensional overseer is here, you have any questions? I froze. Oh man, tough call. The one thing I’ve learned over the years is that in a lot of cases you don’t want to ask omnidimensional weirdoes questions that you don’t necessarily want to know the answers to, you know what I mean? So I’m like, shit, now sort of embarrassed that I’ve completely clammed up in the face of a divine power, but I can feel this thing. It’s radiating white hot love energy from the hidden layers of living light. Eventually, as if sensing my state of pronounced existential terror, it comes up with a question for me: “What can I do to help?” That’s the question I should be asking.

Ahhh, good one. Also butt gustingly hilarious because your HGA is the metaphorical representation of your spiritual mother, and what a fucking mom thing to say. Unsurprisingly she (it) had a decent answer. “Just keep spreading the good news” Roger that.

The good news. Christians love to go on and on about it and the entire concept has always resonated with me in a way that most of the other boring sermons I sat through in church never did. The more I’ve gotten into blissed out trance states that push the supposed limits of human pleasure, the more the significance has truly set it. We don’t even need to be here. If we focused the intent of our technological progress a bit more specifically, we could give the transcendent godhead experience of the highest mystics to every man and woman on the planet. It wouldn’t even be that hard. This is how we transcend the daemonic and soar spaceward into the sun. This is how we make things on earth as they are in heaven. We bring the heaven to earth. The fact of the matter is, the vast majority of human suffering arises from attachment. Attachment to the lower dimensional hell that is the skin world. Attachment to the consciousness constricting exercise that we call human experience.

We take this shit waaaaaay too seriously. Seriously enough to start wars. Seriously enough to dick over the poor. Seriously enough to shortsightedly rape the natural world and all it’s inhabitants. All manner of primal assholishness ultimately derives from the same source: us giving a shit. Look, it’s not like our little purgatory isn’t fantastically demented in a lot of extravagantly tasty ways, but it’s just one little realm. There are billions. Consciousness can stretch in unlimited exotic configurations. The idea that it can’t is precisely what’s making us behave like such insufferable twats. We need to banish the very concept that death is the end of existence and all visionary experience can be discounted as epiphenomenon of the brain if we’re ever going to mount our escape. That’s the daemonic aspect of ourselves and again, it’s not wrong entirely. It’s just half the story.

Face it, we live in hell. I can remember the first time this message was beaten into my hypnagogic states. It was a bit jarring but ultimately there was an intuitive feeling of overwhelming reassurance and hope. Even in this heavily ordered monkey perception world, so much exotic beauty in the midst of all the horror. Only one way to go but up. It was later elaborated that purgatory was probably a more accurate choice of verbiage, but the underlying message remains. You don’t want to own the world, you want to get the fuck out of here. The fact that we live in the midst of a culture that believes the precise opposite should be a bit of a clue that the whole thing’s a joke at our expense. We need to learn to laugh at the egregious stupidity of our war mongering past, and to do that we need to rewrite the underlying spiritual narrative.

The more you conceptualize the plot as a battle between good and evil, the further you get away from having even a remote clue. The best model currently at our disposal is the Taoist concept of yin and yang. That idea has wormed its way deeply enough into most of our mental lexicons that it should compute. It’s not that hard to process. Rather than the universe consisting of warring factions of angels and daemons, it’s secretly governed by creative collaborators. From a sex magick standpoint, I like to look at them as stoned lovers, but hey, whatever works in your reality tunnel. Remember how I was just mentioning that we’re in hell? Sort of what I was getting at is that we worship the daemonic. We’re obsessed with the idea that this world is the only world. All of our logic is based around the concept. We’ve completely turned our backs on the untapped potentiality of the human imagination and forgotten that there are a gajillion ways to stretch it. And it’s not like this imposition of spiritual ignorance has been all bad.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken