From Homeless to Comedy Central, Navigating the new PC Movement w/ Thai Rivera

From Indie Bohemians:

Thai Rivera is a comedian. He has been on Comedy Central twice and tours the country relentlessly. He has been in LA for awhile now, and went from spending a few nights in his car and sleeping on the beach, to becoming one of the most respected acts on the scene and in-demand nationally.

Thai grew up in a small(ish) town in Arizona. He is Mexican and Gay. He is no stranger to discrimination. His outspoken style has, at times, found him at odds with members of the LGBT community and others, even costing him work. (We speak of a specific for-instance where he was not allowed to be booked on a PRIDE Event).

Finally, Thai is supporting Trump this election. He does not have any past as a Republican.

Ron Placone and Carmen Morales cover all of this ground and more with him on a very extensive conversation, part topical, part philosophical, part comical, dive in!

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