Nexus Parking Solutions Begins Female Only Parking Spots

California’s largest independently owned parking management company, Nexus Parking Solution (NPS), has recently launched an initiative to begin designated parkings spots for women citing “safety concerns”.

Nexus Parking Solutions spokesman Dan Watts told CNBC morning news “We’ve decided to include female only parking spots near the entrance of the parking garage and lots for every woman’s safety.  And we’re not just do this because they’re statically terrible drivers.” Dan Watts further pointed out that woman now won’t have to walk through parking garages late at night were predators can sometimes lurk by “doesn’t really happen at a NPS property.”

The spaces, designated by pink paint lines and the international symbol for women, are 35% percent wider than other spaces in the service centers and are closer to major exits.

Jenny White commented on the San Diego’s CBS8 new story saying “It’s really great that a company like Nexus Parking Solutions would start such a program. Now I don’t have to walk through the dark and scary garages late at night after work.”

The origin of this program begins with an experience accounting director Hank Middleton had in a Texas parking lot. “I was sitting in the office when I noticed this driver on camera having a very difficult time reversing from their space. After I confronted the irate female driver, who made it seem like it was all my fault, I was struck with an idea that could really help this company.

Hank told a HuffPo reporter on Tuesday “I love numbers. So after that incident I began to contact insurance companies and motor vehicle departments trying to collect as much data as possible. It didn’t take long to see a pattern began to form; women are statically terrible drivers. The numbers don’t lie.”

Shortly afterward Hank’s revelation NPS formed a small group to test Hank’s hypothesis. “After we compared about three terabytes of motor vehicle department data against the insurance reports it was very clear. Now we’re rolling out this great new program.”





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