Ralph Abraham and Bruce Damer | IT ALL HANGS TOGETHER, A Third Eye Drops Mind Meld


(From left) Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham and Rupert Sheldrake


“I don’t have any faith in the ordinary explanations… I’m troubled by the fact that it all hangs together… I can park my car and go to lunch and when I come back, my car is still there where I parked it and I can remember where it is. That’s miraculous!”


Ralph Abraham is a Mathematician who has held positions at UC Santa Cruz, Princeton and Columbia. He served as an advisor in the development of chaos theory and has explored topics like attractors and consciousness in his work.

In the in the 1960s, his traditional academic life took a sharp left turn into exploration, both inner and outer, via meditation, psychedelics and world travel. His series of legendary trialogues with Terence McKenna and Rupert Sheldrake have garnered an enduring cult following.

Dr. Bruce Damer is a researcher at UC Santa Cruz focused on origin of life theory. He’s a speaker, performer and hosts the Levity Zone podcast. 

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