Stuxnet, Consciousness and Ebola: Revisited

In the 2013 Nova documentary Rise of the Hackers, funded by the fracking Billionaires, Republican Party owners, and all around rapers and pillagers of the Conscious Earth (meaning the planet is sentient or alive) Charles and David Koch, two employees of the “private” Cyber Security firm, Symantec address the concerns of the world’s most sophisticated digital weapon:  Stuxnet.  The documentary, like the articles addressing the same subject on this website, were all created in 2013, three years ago.

Coincidentally, 2013 happens to be the year the mysterious group known as the Silver Legion appeared on Youtube.

Three years ago, the highest echelons of government and “private” Cyber Security organizations estimated that Stuxnet had infected 100,000 or more private and public systems all over the Conscious Earth.  Considering how Stuxnet has even infected international space stations, allegedly spread by Russian Cosmonauts with a USB drive, it is not ridiculous or impossible to assume Stuxnet has evolved and infected human beings and the Conscious Earth itself.  Consider the untold number of miles of fiber optic cables running through, above, below and around the Conscious Earth.  Without fiber optics, there would be no internet, no smart phones, no modern society, no Twitter, no Facebook, no Google, no Snapchat, no Instagram, no Ebay, no Federal Reserve, no City Hall, no White House etc…

According to the book Cyber War, co-written by former Council on Foreign Relations member Robert K. Knake and former National Security Council member Richard Alan Clarke, appointed to the position by former US President, George H.W. Bush, intelligence agencies across the globe are using “Logic Bombs” and “trapdoors” as part of their massive disinformation campaign.  Tactics such as these prevent people from being able to know anything for certain.  That is exactly the purpose of these “virtual explosives” as the authors of the book call them.  Are we able to indict intelligence officials for the use of “virtual explosives?”  “Virtual explosives” are the most dangerous form of a “weapon of mass destruction.”  They are weapons of mass deception.  These weapons are what allowed “Operation Iraqi Freedom” to take place.  Regardless, the Obama administration has sentenced journalists and whistleblowers to 31 times more jail time than all other administrations combined, according to Washington’s Blog, not intelligence officers.

In my opinion, Stuxnet has the capability to infect the planet’s consciousness, creating a sort of “Cyborg Earth.”  If the universe itself is also in fact conscious, as Amit Goswami claims in his book The Self Aware Universe, published in 1996, perhaps the influence of roughly 7 billion morally corrupted conscious beings on planet Earth could explain why only 4% of the 13.6 billion year big, not old, universe is visible.  The observable universe is a sphere with a 13.6 billion light year diameter.  Perhaps the “dark matter” and “dark energy” that obscure the other 96% of our universe are the cosmic yin to humanity’s yang.

In other words, perhaps human greed, stupidity, violence and extremism can be attributed to the deplorable state the Earth is in today.  Maybe humans deliberately limit the potential of their conscious awareness as a means of protecting themselves and their psyches.  In my opinion, this exact reason is why organized religion is still so popular with human beings.

Religion, by definition, is a cult.  Many cult leaders teach their followers that they do not have free will.

Cults are bad for you.

In America, journalism, art and freedom are illegal.  In their place, we have mass produced “Star Trek” technology and homogenized “entertainment” to create the illusion of free will and choice.  Every electronic toy you have can, and most like is being used to spy on you.

Wall Street Journal reporters are no longer safe, when they investigate the oil industry that is.

French Police Chiefs “commit suicide” when they interrogate the “terrorists” responsible for murdering satirical journalists working for Charlie Hebdo, French equivalent of The Onion.

A French journalist, of the non-satirical variety, named Julliette Volcler literally wrote the book on the military using sound as a weapon.  It’s called, Extremely Loud:  Sound as a Weapon.  From the description, “During the 2004 battle over the Iraqi city of Fallujah, U.S. Marines bolted large speakers to the roofs of their Humvees blasting AC/DC, Eminem, and Metallica songs through the city’s narrow streets as part of a targeted psychological operation against militants that has now become standard practice in American military operations in Afghanistan. In the historic center of Brussels, nausea-inducing sound waves are unleashed to prevent teenagers from lingering after hours. High-decibel, “nonlethal” sonic weapons have become the tools of choice for crowd control at major political demonstrations from Gaza to Wall Street and as a form of torture at Guantánamo and elsewhere.”

What does it say about these artists that the military uses their music as a weapon?

C.K. Golden

C.K. Golden

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