#blacklivesmatter and #pokemongo

Two of the biggest stories the last two weeks — Black Lives Matter and Pokémon Go. One might not think that there is much of an overlap — but they’d be wrong.

Could Augmented Reality apps (like Pokémon Go) be the key to democratic, community policing? Is Pokémon Go part of the police state? Why can’t police officers stop shooting unarmed black people? Are these ironic “tips” from Liam Dryden on how to play Pokémon Go as a black person indicating something important about race in American?

(obviously not gonna work all the time, but most of these are verified by people darker than me who don’t immediately come off as nerdy or harmless)

basically you gotta put white people at ease by seeming as childish and/or bookish as possible

– walk a dog. use a cloth leash, not a chain, have a cute looking collar on them.

– dress cute. like, have cartoon characters on you, wear a hat with cat ears.

– wear prescription/clear frame glasses

– say hi to as many people as you can (this can just be other black people, random old folks, dogs)

– basically seem like you have a purpose other than just to take a walk for your own enjoyment. go in stores, buy something.

– bring a non-black friend if you can

– avoid white neighborhoods, and unfamiliar residential areas in general

(from Liam Dryden Tumblr)

Why are these two stories coinciding like this in history???

Listen to find out.

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