Comedy Show You Won’t See on TV

In George Orwell’s book “1984” everything people do is recorded by the telescreens. Each unorthodox action is then punished by “joycamps” which is a Newspeak word for “forced labour camps.” In the 21st century, JoyCamp is the antithesis of tyranny of the mind. It is a liberation from dogma and an inspiration for creativity in life. It’s also a brand new sketch comedy show that you can be sure you WON’T be seeing on your TV sets anytime soon.

You can, however, watch it right here on the internet!

In the pilot episode “Kill Switch” the internet suddenly shuts off. Benny and Delman seek refuge and WiFi at The Joint.

JoyCamp hopes to be able to continue making this show. If so, the teaser for the series is as follows:
An aspiring one-percenter and an unemployed conspiracy theorist are the millennial odd couple, butting heads and searching for truth as they take on everything from student loan debt and Big Pharma, to selfie addiction and lizard people.

There’s a lot to feel sad and angry about in the world right now. JoyCamp hopes to lift your spirits and raise awareness through the universal language of laughter. So sit back, relax, adjust your tin foil hat, and enjoy the ride, folks.

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