Declassified Docs Prove FBI Ignored Saudi Terror Threat and Could Be Retarded

The FBI is regarded as the cream of the crop in law enforcement, an agency beyond reproach and committed to doing what’s right. Provided of course the guilty aren’t running for office but you get my drift. We can at least count on them to do a through investigation when needed to. Probably. Maybe. Sometimes.

When the towers came down on 9/11 it didn’t take long before the official story began to fall apart just as quickly as 130,000 tons of debris had hit New York pavement demolition-style. Theories had abounded in the confusion, whispers of state actors, zeitgeists, and foreign hands greased by greenbacks. Of course, such strange tales are the work of “conspiracy theorists” we’re told, a term coined by the CIA to discredit any who challenge them and the handle on history they wield so well. When I heard an official committee would make sure the American people would know the ins-and-outs I didn’t believe it for a second and prepared to hear the most boldface lies was sure our highly intelligent elected leaders would set everything straight. Still, some things had to be hidden till the revolutionary rage had died down time had passed.

When I heard about the newly released “28 pages” previously kept out of the 9/11 commission being released to the public I got a hold of my editors as soon as I could, shooting them a message from my facebook page:

“Hey has antimedia covered the new saudi docs yet?



While the mainstream media seems fixated on a mere ambassador’s role we here at Disinfo believe we’ve noticed something much more important and we’ve got the 28 pages to prove it:

The FBI is either the most idiotic, bumbling organization struggling not to piss on it’s own shoes every time it goes to the bathroom or they were willfully ignorant and complacent in the funding of 9/11 by Saudi Arabia. 

Where shall we begin, dear reader? Perhaps at the beginning? The main finding is that pre-9/11 the FBI was swimming in information from trained agents that Saudi intelligence agents were highly connected to Salafist-friendly groups in the United States and supporting them.

FBI Knows Nothing

The FBI had at it’s disposal countless reports on specific individuals with names and addresses, people who were receiving “vast amounts” of money from Saudi Arabia without ever holding a job. As far as we know the FBI didn’t even bother to make the IRS aware of this.

Gee this guy doesnt look suspicious

This alone is mindboggling because it practically screams of illegal or strange activity. Organizations the FBI has been investigating for decades, such as the Mafia or Bratva, know that continuously flooding someone’s account with money from overseas for no apparant purpose is supposed to sound alarm bells in even the most rookie of Feds. It’s a dead ringer that something’s not kosher. Most criminals who’ve survived long enough to know better will at least have some kind of cover-up job, even if it’s a no-show “construction” or “trash collecting” gig.

But hey, that’s an easy mistake to make! I mean what could possibly look weird about some dude with no job yet wallowing in cash from mysterious foreign benefactors calling Saudi government buildings 100 times in a 3 month period? Or that the Saudi government just randomly gives him a full scholarship for whatever because….fuck it, that’s why.

Some of the things they couldnt figure out

Remember: the FBI wasn’t just saying they didn’t think he was a Saudi intelligence agent, even with countless field reports saying exactly that. Throughout the 28 pages they seem quite unclear as if the individuals mentioned had any connection whatsoever with the Saudi government, much less terrorism. In language that would make Hillary hiss with delight the FBI seems unclear of…anything. Anything at all.

We don't want to jump the gun

Again, a very easy mistake to make if you ignore the fact that the Saudis help arm and fund ISIS. But the report clearly reveals the FBI is lying by omission. They hem and haw, literally sitting on mountains of reports from concerned agents and refusing to come to a decision on how to even label the activity. We’ve seen it in court rooms a million times, the killer “unsure” of where the bodies are buried until the death sentence is off the table. What’s weird is the Saudi government seems to be doing the very same thing, acting stupid the minute it might get caught.

Saudi conviently forgets

The 28 pages go on and on, and I invite you to read them. The more personal details of just who was doing what and how much money the Saudi royal family was funneling into massacre-friendly people in the US is enough to make your eyes pop out. Yet again the FBI, when confronted with evidence that the Saudi government is doing this, seems totally, almost purposefully confused.

looking for pattern


Oh look a pattern

What was the FBI’s response?


Makes you wonder.

We are left with two possible options, neither of them good:

  1. The FBI is the result of years of gamma-ray exposure and the most explosive inbreeding thus seen outside of Lake City, Florida. When not gnawing on their own extremities in yet another ill-fated attempt to discover if “those pieces what make stick out of me and such is me” are buried reports from half-way competent agents trying to warn them of impending doom. Headquarters, both frightened yet intrigued by the scribbles on paper others call “words,” use them as toilet paper inbetween tribal raids for females and inter-cubicle warfare.
  2. The FBI had numerous reports as well as damning financial info that certain individuals in the United States who “were probably Saudi intelligence agents” were connected with radical extremists. These unemployed people who had cash from apparently nowhere were also giving it to the same questionable, kinda “kill-all-the-infidel” type organizations the Saudi government itself seemed intent on donating to. 

All this may I remind you from one of our “closest allies.” Yes, even now 14 years after this knowledge was made known to the US government we still count them as friends.

It’s as if something beyond mere stupidity was at play, as if it all might have been in service to a larger, even darker plot.

But of course I am no FBI agent. I’m not qualified enough to be unsure.

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