Everyone is Agnostic, Using Procrastination for Good: Troy Conrad

From Indie Bohemians:

Is Everyone Agnostic? Can you use procrastination for good? Troy Conrad explains!

Troy Conrad is an award winning filmmaker, comic, writer, and producer. He is the creator and co-producer of the improvised stand-up show, Set List: Stand-Up Without A Net, a TV series on Sky Atlantic in the UK, and on ABC2 in Australia. He is the executive producer of The David Feldman Show on KPFK Pacifica Radio, and Director of the multiple-award winning short film, Runyon: Just Above Sunset, starring Eddie Pepitone. His new show, Prompter, (rejected TED Talks delivered from a “broken” teleprompter) also plays at festivals worldwide. Troy performed with Southwest Shakespeare Conservatory in Phoenix and taught at Phoenix College before moving to Los Angeles and completing writing and improv programs at Second City Los Angeles, iO West, and UCB. His show, The Comedy Jesus Show, has toured around the world to critical acclaim. He has also performed at comedy clubs throughout the U.S., and festivals including Montreal, Dublin, Calgary, Vancouver, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Sydney, Austria, and London. Troy is inarguably the world’s biggest dog lover.

Sitting in an empty Flappers’ Comedy Club in Burbank, we discuss the early days of YouTube in which Troy saw some success playing Jesus, the quest Troy went on in learning about spirituality (in which he explored everything from Christianity to Scientology and everything in between), photography, and Troy’s newest endeavor, Set List. Troy explains a few important theories: How to use procrastination for good, and we are all agnostic.

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