Finding Comfort in the Corruption of the Clintons: FEEL THE BERN

President Bill Clinton with the First Lady WikiMedia CCO
The President, First Lady, and Chelsea on parade down Pennsylvannia Avenue on Inauguration day.

Scramble the bombers and get the president on the horn!

This was the likely war cry from major news outlets across North America over the 4th of July weekend.

Bill Clinton was once again was caught sneaking some private time with a woman other than Hillary. Only this time it was the Attorney General Loretta Lynch. To the AG’s surprise, the “optics” of the meeting had DC in a tizzy. What? Loretta was taking body blows; she was on the ropes for almost week. Then mercifully, the holiday weekend kicked off. Sparklers, Cookouts, waterparks, all while the FBI was having a friendly chat with Bill’s wife about her allegedly violating a stack of laws on the handling of Top Secret emails that would have left anyone else in the clink. It was just another 4th for the Clintons, but to the media it was getting kind of hectic. You had an AG being tampered with by the husband (and former president) of the person targeted in a major Federal probe. Also the target just so happens to be running for president. Even the mainstream press couldn’t help themselves to such a blood feast. Imagine the coverage of Hillary arriving in black tinted windows to federal court in the morning and then admonishing Trump for dishonesty in the evening. It was worse than an episode of Veep. If the position she was running for wasn’t life and death it would have been the greatest comedy since we learned of her husband’s predilection for fine cigars.

It was so bad Lynch was forced to publicly abdicate the responsibilities of her position and leave the decision of whether or not to charge Hillary Clinton, the presumptive nominee of the Democrats for the President of the United States, to the Director of the FBI, James Comey, which technically reports to Loretta. Even left-leaning stalwarts on Morning Joe were stunned to admit this was bad. As an audience member, with no real power or say in the situation, I could almost feel the palpable disarray coming from the beltway. Could an October surprise come in July? Could the FBI really indict someone that has a better then 50% shot as being POTUS? Is that legal? Constitutional?  Rational? They had to charge her now, otherwise we would look like those third world banana republics that most of my arrogant, leftwing contemporaries say that we are better than. After all we are Americans. Aren’t we better than everyone else? RIGHT? Right? I was dizzy pondering all this over the holiday weekend. Being a longtime political junkie, I knew not many people would be paying attention over the 4th, perhaps even all week! But no matter justice is blind, justice is fair, justice will prevail!

But proving once again that the world is the Clinton’s toilet and the rule of law is a roll of toilet paper, James Comey announced on the 5th of July that Clinton wouldn’t be charged. Justice was gutted in a dirty, dark alley in Georgetown.

I should have cleared my desk in anguish. I should have been shocked, SHOCKED at such a blatant display. Pitchforks! Hemlock! Scale the Derry Wall!

But none of that happened. I‘ve been watching the Clintons since the 90’s. Hell, the last time that I ever voted for a Democrat was for Bill Clinton. I was there to watch the scandals, the jail time doled out to everyone around them. I remember the suicide of Vince Foster. I even remember Webb Hubble. Do you? Look him up. So, there was something deep down, I mean way down there that told me she was going to walk. Being in my 40’s, I must admit, I take some strange comfort in that. It kind of struck me as nostalgic. The Clintons being sloppy and guilty as sin. Then pulling the levers they have to blatantly get away with something that every other person in the union would have been relegated to the perp walk. For the Clintons, putting the careers and certainly the reputations of those around them in jeopardy is part of doing good business, just ask Loretta and Comey.

For me this episode was the moment of clarity. It was the moment I was able to stop deluding myself in childish notions of egalitarian justice for all. Now that I’ve passed that Rubicon I feel like I know my place in the world, and Certainly in America.

But wait, just because I had become such an evolved creature, enlightened to the point of being a political avatar, that didn’t mean the average American would take this lightly. There could be an outcry. There could be a surge in polls for Trump, at least a drop in polls for Hillary. However, once again, the media, or rather the Clintons were provided with a perfect distraction in the form of not one, but two shootings of black males by police officers. Now, in no way am I cynical enough to say something like Americans being shot while being filmed would be used as a tool of distraction. Because that is rare, Americans being shot, I mean. That would be crazy. That would be something a conspiracy nut would say. Sheesh, the media using a tragedy for their own benefit is crazy talk and just because it helps out the Clintons doesn’t imply anything.

I’m not a conspiracy nut even though I own a Giorgio Tsoukalos T-shirt that says, “I’m not sayin’ it’s Aliens…But it’s Aliens.”

Post Script

Bernie sold out to all of this glory…



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