Voicing the Simpsons: Chris Edgerly

From the Indie Bohemians:

Chris Edgerly is a Voice Actor. He has been doing VO work since the late 90s. He started in the world of stand-up comedy in Athens, GA and after a decade on the road came to LA with the intention of switching to a VO career. Since then, he has done voices for TV, Film, Video Games and presently he does voices for the Simpsons. We talk about the Athens scene, REM, his start in Orlando, his beginnings in voice acting, his audition process for the Simpsons, and a funny story involving him and Mike Myers that ended happy for all parties involved. This interview was recorded with Ron Placone and Carmen Morales in Chris’ home during a power outage. Battery live got us through!

Also in this episode:

Krish Mohan delivers another FFON. Angie Dorin rocks a Monkey Minute.

Ron gives an infomercial on #HeterosexualPrideDay and talks about his inability to cut cake.