Battling Heroin Addiction and Cooperation: Tara Devlin

From Indie Bohemians:

Tara Devlin is a highly successful blogger, show host and comic. She was born and raised in New York City where her early years were not the easiest. She battled alcoholism and heroin addiction, complete with public outbursts and unsuccessful attempts at getting clean. Finally with the right support she navigated past these trials and began doing comedy and creating socio-political content. Now, she’s amidst launching, which has already garnered over 100K likes on Facebook due to her blog’s popularity. Tara Devlin and Ron Placone discuss her upbringing, the concept of addiction, Religion, Buddhism, chanting, cooperating with one another, the definition of liberal, the fringe-twist of the Republican party and so much more!

Also in this episode: Ron has a Twitter impersonator, Krish Mohan rocks a FFON and Angie Dorin checks in with a Monkey Minute.