What would a Donald Trump Presidency look like?

Presidential candidate Donald Trump declares 'You're fired!' at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire. Photo from REUTERS
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump declares 'You're fired!' at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire. Photo from REUTERS

“Not everybody is comfortable with the idea that politics is a guilty addiction. But it is. They are addicts, and they are guilty and they do lie and cheat and steal — like all junkies.” ~Hunter S. Thompson

I’m a news junkie, to be sure, but I’m also an editor by trade. I’ve been trying to still and coalesce the swirl of thoughts and theories about Donald Trump for some time now (is he merely an egomaniac with narcissistic personality disorder, or a specifically driven agent of chaos? A secret double agent of the Democrats or an unabashed white nationalist? etc.)

Being no stranger to speculative fiction and doomsday musings, I thought I’d spend a little time looking at ongoing geopolitical trends both foreign and domestic and postulate how things might play out should the bloviating thin-skinned bully get elected. I also thought my fellow Disinfonauts might get a kick out of my particular brand of sensationalism.

(Note: I am not a Hillary Clinton supporter in any way, as anyone who follows my social media can chronicle for themselves. I have the privilege of voting in a non-swing state and can comfortably vote third party with a clear conscience.)


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