Manifesting a Living Paradise w/Blue Cobalt

In this installment of the Free Radical Media podcast, we are joined by Blue Cobalt of Living Paradise. Cobalt and his team are working on a multi-season documentary series, “Intentional,” which documents Intentional Communities of all kinds across the country, and soon, the world.

Whether these communities be “hippy communes,” spiritual retreats, urban rent sharing collectives, or any model in between or beyond, Blue Cobalt discusses the ins and outs of building sustainable communities. Along the way we discuss what Living Paradise has learned about community, horizontal relations between individuals, and how forming our own communities outside of the paradigm of modern politics and culture is vital for changing ourselves and the world we occupy.

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You can find more information about and watch the first episode of Intentional for free at their website, and if you enjoy the project, you can contribute to their Indie Go-Go campaign..


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