Meet the People Who Believe the Earth Is Flat

Flat Earth model. Public Domain by Trekky0623

The Flat Earth debate ain’t going away (one imagines that Donald Trump will say he believes the Earth is flat any day now), so Mic introduces us to some prominent flat Earthers:

When Malachi Henderson went skydiving a few weeks ago, he noticed that the Earth looked flat, even from the plane. He mentioned it to the pilot. “The higher you get, the flatter it looks,” the pilot replied. Henderson wasn’t surprised: The pilot’s response was evidence of something he’d been researching for years.

Henderson is one of a growing movement of Americans who believe that the Earth is flat. They refer to themselves as flat Earthers.

Flat Earthers have a wide range of convictions. Some come to the movement from a religious place, others from a scientific one. But most believe in one simple principle: that NASA and everyone involved in space exploration are liars and that there is a massive conspiracy to hide the fact that the Earth is flat.

Mic spoke with four flat Earthers from across the country, representing a range of ages and religious backgrounds: Henderson, a 34-year-old bartender; Patrice, 57, a business owner from Florida; Walt Johnson, a 49-year-old disabled former disk jockey from Louisiana; and Ben Long, in his 20s.

These are their stories.

The moment they discovered the Earth was flat

One thing most flat Earthers have in common: They found the movement through the internet, though some had already come to the conclusion on their own.

Patrice, who declined to provide her last name, is a Christian. “I love the Lord,” she said in a phone call. “He really guides and directs my steps.” Browsing YouTube one day, Patrice saw “something just about that little phrase ‘flat Earth.’ It just kind of dropped into my brain. I felt like the Lord was saying, ‘Look into that.'”…

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