Uncovering the Unknown

We think that science is powerful because it is true. Yet oddly, the unknown is always with us and with every generation comes a new paradigm – in ours, even Einstein’s theories are being called into question. Can science uncover the truth? Or does it offer mere models and stories in the fact of the inexplicable?

Peter Atkins Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at the University of Oxford, Peter Atkins is one of the world’s foremost physical chemists, and the author of Galileo’s Finger.
Steve Fuller Postmodern sociologist, and Professor of Sociology at Warwick, Fuller ignited a firestorm of controversy with Dissent Over Descent: Intelligent Design’s Challenge to Darwinism.
Rosie Harper Chaplain to the Bishop of Buckingham.
Hillary Lawson Philosopher and award-winning broadcaster who has been hosting IAI TV’s philosophy and global politics debate strands since 2010. His debates have ranged from dissecting modern myths and self narratives to investigating China’s economic dominance and considering the future of global markets with Vince Cable.


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