Advanced Sigil Projection VI: Sex, Drugs, and Art

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Of course, Robert Anton Wilson was my first introduction to Occult anything way back in the day. I’d read Castaneda several years before that point but, okay, here’s an interesting conversation. What I’m now referring to as psych magick is essentially a crossbreeding between the western esoteric tradition (chaos magick specifically) and the ritualistic ingestion of psychedelic compounds, aka shamanism. It’s about tweaking the set and setting of the psychedelic experience to maximize coherency, mainly through technology. And that’s where it differentiates itself from more traditional shamanic practices, which let’s face it, typically more involve communing with nature. This is about unlocking the keys to the human imagination and then effectively projecting these heightened states outwardly to influence the inward journey of others. Synthetic telepathy which eventually evolves into actual telepathy. It’ll all be within reach in time, and not that long a time in the grand scheme of things I imagine. So shamanism (I know I’m generalizing heavily with that term) often involves completely detaching yourself from the rich net of black energy that binds our culture together. Crackling dark energy, that’s how it’s been presented to me over and over in visions. This is the binding current of human behavior you’re trying to tap yourself into with magick. You want to dive into that shit and then calculatedly surf the spacewaves.

Urban shamanism in a way. The idea is to take whatever energy you can channel from the higher realms and use it to command these dark binding forces that have created the mind bending monstrosity that is modern culture. Not escaping the urban nightmare, transforming the current. Using it as a means of creation. Of course you would go about this momentous task by tuning into the higher perspective and purifying the intent of your practice in tune with the elevated perspectives you encounter. Of course. I certainly recommend Robert Monroe’s techniques for astral projection for expanding the potential of your dream states. Learning to expand and understand dream states is the most important skill any sorcerer can develop. It’s where the “magick happens” and how I got summoned into this shit in the first place (you’d have to read my books).

What I suppose differentiates me from most people I’ve found in say magick circles is that my practice, and the practice I’m recommending here revolves more around the ritualistic use of marijuana specifically, which I almost jokingly refer to as ganj-i-tation, but hell, it’s as good a term as any. With weed being legalized, and like the one thing we can agree on politically as a country right now, why I’m not seeing articles about this freaking everywhere I haven’t a clue. We’ve been that effectively hypnotized by mind control forces we don’t even begin to comprehend. I mean, we sort of understand, we just have zero clue how deep behind the curtain this shit actually hides. The current of weed meditation actually radiates fairly strong through some of the more prominent countercultural iconography. I mean, R.A.W.’s Cosmic Trigger 1 phase starts exploring this terrain. And despite Terrence McKenna gaining an increasing amount of fame in the post YouTube world, the narrative is typically all about the mushroom freakouts. When I saw him talk back in the 90’s, he went on and on about weed meditation. Of course I didn’t know at the time that he’d abandoned mushrooms entirely by that point in his life. And that’s my freaking point. Psychedelics are too taxing emotionally and spiritually to take super often. I mean, up to a point but eventually you’ve got scale back.

But life sucks every day. What we need is a way to make it not suck. To create states of what Jung referred to as “active imagination” on demand. To stop taking this shit too seriously. I’m pretty sure us taking shit too seriously is what’s fucking up the environment, and ourselves, and the environment (there’s a Mr. Show reference in that line but I couldn’t remember the exact sketch to link it). On the bright side, we’re starting to get to that point with legalized herb. I think the potentiality of marijuana to radically change consciousness is fairly understated at this point in human history. It can be used as a fairly potent hallucinogen, it just takes some effort and focus, which is of course what this series is all about. We need to push for psilocybin next, but now we’ve got to use what we’ve got. And this is where you’re getting back into more traditionally Occult territory. According to people like R.A.W. and Gary Lachman, the idea that weed can be used to aid astral projection goes way back in Occult circles. I have no clue where they’re getting that info from or if it’s remotely accurate, but I certainly ran with it, and can absolutely say, yeah, totally something there.

Especially when you combine it with sex. And that’s where sigil projection gets interesting. The thing that’s always been cool about the Occult is that it’s basically the religion of sex, drugs, and art. I mean, you’re engaging in sexual activity, while chemically altering your consciousness, while internally visualizing art. That’s the means by which you’re creating Gnosis, by turning your consciousness into a living art projector/receiver. The way out is in. But I’m also of the mind that it’s sort of important which drugs you’re using, and which art you’re consuming and/or creating in this Gnostic process. Tastes vary, but in general you are what you eat. I know I’ve been a bit harsh on the Occult horror movie set and I should probably be a tad harsher on wishy washy psychedelic types/new agers, but I’m just trying to make a point with all that assholery (well, more than a few points actually). It’s not like I don’t have any experience with this stuff. I yelled in a super angry metaphysical rant metal band for 4 years of my life. My take on that whole escapade was that wow, spending a great deal of your time focusing all your attention on the things that piss you off about our culture isn’t super great for your mental health. Shocking. And the thing is, I think this sort of art is incredibly important, but you know, you’d have to find a way to seriously detach yourself from your stage persona in your down time to maintain any real sanity while truly immersed in that rage energy. You’d have to recognize and channel the catharsis without letting the cathartic impulse consume you.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken