The American People Are Outgrowing the Presidency (Gonzo and Conjure ’16)

“The stakes are now too high and the time too short…The only hope now is to swing hard with the right hand, while hanging onto sanity with the left. Politics will become a cockfight and reason will go by the boards. There will have to be somebody to carry the flag.” – Hunter S. Thompson

The ongoing electoral contest between Trump and Hillary meant very little to the man being escorted off the bus. No questions posed by that pieces of plywood masquerading as a journalists were bouncing in his brain as the police officer walked down the aisle and asked him for his ID. I highly doubt the email scandal or the recent firing of Trump’s staff due to lack of pay mattered as one cop turned into 3 and as the street began to fill with police.

Nor were they on my mind as I asked my wife for details as she witnessed the events unfold.

“I have no idea what happened it was a black dude and he was really calm and confused when the cop asked for his ID,” she hurriedly typed. “He didn’t do anything and there was like 3 cops and 3 security guards interrogating him.”

As she sent pictures of the man being questioned outside right before he was whisked away to who-knows-where she let go a final detail that boiled my blood and filled me with explosive rage.

“I think he was mentally handicap.”

Pigs with pistols abusing someone they know can’t fight back? Just another day under the American Imperium.

Little abuses like this are everywhere nowadays and egregious murders usually follow shortly behind. The assurances of those in power that things are going to get better do little to calm the citizenry and even less to stop the flow of blood. The election may be carrying on but the people are noticing it matters less and less.

Perhaps for the first time the realities of American life are simply too visceral to be cloaked behind campaign promises.

I had bided my time for my next article, the barrage of pure nothingness pouring out of the television an anathema to any real journalism. I steered clear of the major news channels and held most internet outlets in utter contempt, echo chambers of idiots talking about how nothing was really happening and how this nothing might mean something.

Nothing says hard-cutting journalism quite like speculating on a coughing fit.

Fuck that. I had work to do.

Road Opener
The events on the bus had really put a stick in my craw though and it was them that eventually drew me back to the keyboard. “Think about this boo,” I spouted later that evening as I gathered my thoughts, “shit like what you saw today, you know, it’s such a fucking contrast to this whole election. It’s like there’s a slow motion war going on and all the officials can talk about is the stupidest shit. Goddamn if this thing isn’t going stale.”

“I-it’s like one big unfunny joke, you know? They want you to keep paying attention to in the hopes you don’t notice where the real action is. I mean look at the abject failure of the ‘Military Forum!’ What a laugh! Hillary and Trump basically are kinda-sort-of actually comparing notes and it was nothing short of a snoozefest!”

What a duplexity, a tame wrestling match so fixed you could fall asleep and a society so brittle the people were beginning to take justice into their own hands.

Take for instance the armed Anarchists that awaited the rapist Brock Turner at his home after his nice rich-boy “punishment” of 3 months in jail.

‘With an extremely lenient sentence, he can think ‘I can get away with this,’ Daniel Hardin, who carried an M4 assault rifle, said in an interview. ‘The message we want to send is … ‘If you try this again, we will shoot you.’

Several of the protesters said they were affiliated with anarchist activist groups that regularly organize armed protests in Ohio, where open carry is legal.

‘The number one reason why we had this armed protest was to make a militant feminist statement in favor of self-defense of would-be rape victims,’ said Micah Naziri, a 39-year-old who organized the rally.

Molly Hardin, Daniel’s wife, brought a shotgun to the Turner protest and argued in an interview that ‘it’s completely legal to kill a rapist in the act of rape.’ The message of the armed demonstration, she said, is: ‘If he were to try something like this again … we would help protect the city. We are not going to stand for it.’

Direct fucking action, no corrupt politicians needed. It was a move so shocking, so effective, the toothless cowards who make up the faux-opposition bleated “punishing rapists with violence doesn’t alter the conditions that produce them.” 

Such a foolish statement ignores the entire history of warfare, but I suppose our college educated liberal couldn’t be bothered to read about the Haitian Revolution.

6,000 professional soldiers were then sent to crush once and for all the hope of freedom in the Haitian heart. Spain and England soon joined the free-for-all playing both sides and turning the entire island of Hispanola into a 1700’s Syria.

The fighting was brutal and without mercy. Slaveowners were strung up from trees and captured rebels were burned alive. Hand weapons and rifles killed side-by-side as liberty existed no longer as some empty concept but the very right to breathe. The body count was a shocking one: 350,000 Haitians and 50,000 European troops had been slaughtered in the chaos.

It was a time beyond good and evil, of noble virtue and disgusting depravity frolicking side by side. But the Haitians had won and the slaves were freed.

But hey, what do we expect? These are the same spineless ingrates who refused to back Nat Turner, don’t believe a woman has the right to kill a would-be rapist, and had an entire song written about their hypocritical, lukewarm ways:

I cried when they shot Medgar Evers
Tears ran down my spine
I cried when they shot Mr. Kennedy
As though I’d lost a father of mine

But Malcolm X got what was coming
He got what he asked for this time
So love me, love me
Love me, I’m a liberal

But I digress, and lord knows how Disinfonauts feel about violence…

Perhaps that recent prison strike was more their speed?

After a call to action to end slavery in America by the Free Alabama Movement (FAM) with “Let the Crops Rot in the Fields,” and tireless organizing on the part of IWOC-IWW, FAM, and other prisoner solidarity groups, people on the inside are leading a national work-stoppage on this, the anniversary of the 1971 Attica prison uprising.

12:00PM EST: Alabama Holman prison shutdown in full effect. A contact on the inside reports:

“Sept 9th, all inmates at Holman Prison refused to report to their prison jobs without incident. With the rising of the sun came an eerie silence as the men at Holman laid on their racks reading or sleeping. Officers are performing all tasks.”

6:17PM EST: California Reports from inside Central California Women’s Prison:

“A few women incarcerated people refused to work and because of the nationwide prison strike, and fear of an uprising, the prison was locked down stopping ALL slave labor!”

Florida“Disturbances” at Gulf and Mayo prisons, as well as “smaller” disturbances at other locations throughout the state. Also, sit down strikes and work stoppages at Holmes.

1:45AM EST: Kansas Women prisoners strike at an unnamed facility.

The strikes across countless states were joined by actions of solidarity on the outside in a united voice demanding the end of slave labor inside America’s prisons without so much as a word by the major networks. It may be because it conflicts with some their interests.

Sen. Rand Paul’s expression of opposition to a $1.1 billion U.S. arms sale to Saudi Arabia — which has been brutally bombing civilian targets in Yemen using U.S.-made weapons for more than a year now — alarmed CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday afternoon.

Blitzer’s concern: That stopping the sale could result in fewer jobs for arms manufacturers.

Pictured: Yemeni Woman and Child whose lives should be regarded as secondary to profit.

Pictured: Yemeni Woman and Child whose lives should be regarded as secondary to profit.

“So for you this is a moral issue,” he told Paul during the Kentucky Republican’s appearance on CNN. “Because you know, there’s a lot of jobs at stake. Certainly if a lot of these defense contractors stop selling war planes, other sophisticated equipment to Saudi Arabia, there’s gonna be a significant loss of jobs, of revenue here in the United States. That’s secondary from your standpoint?”

God fucking forbid.

Maybe that’s just the world Wolf lives in, a world where jobs and money are worth much more than human lives. Maybe in between dinner parties or horse rides people of his class can’t understand why the people aren’t listening anymore. The mainstream press is so strung out on making this election seem like it matters they’re beginning to sound desperate, each clickbait-for-tv performance more and more regurgitation of the same thing said a week before.

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