Crafted Recordings Podcast Episode 10: Astral Speeches of Trump and Hillary!

The Astral realm is a strange and foreboding place, a dimension where the actions taken in our world twist and pull into new shapes. Astral forms often hold the true essence of how things really are without the misdirection and skullduggery so common amongst the living.

What might the recent speeches of Trump and Hillary sound like there?

James Lindenschmidt takes us on an audio tour of the astral realm, weaving sound into tapestries in a way that begs to be heard while either stoned or tripping balls in the most recent recording from Gods and Radicals. Hear Trump, Hillary, and even Disinfo favorite Dr. Bones as their words reverberate through the nether realms into new forms!


Music is “Seems Like” by Freakwitch; Matthew Shields lyrics & vocals; James Lindenschmidt music, guitars, & production; Yo Bassman acoustic bass guitar; Alfred Lund drums.

Audio recording produced by James Lindenschmidt. ©2016 Crafted Recordings. Some Rights Reserved (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

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