The Internet is His Religion: How Google Conquered and the Path to Activism: Jim Gilliam

From Indie Bohemians:

Jim Gilliam is an activist, Internet enthusiast, entrepreneur, and has been involved in some incredible projects. On top of all that he has battled cancer multiple times since the age of 18, grew up in a strict Evangelical household, and lost his mother who faced a similar cancer battle as him. His book, “The Internet is My Religion,” chronicles his story from childhood to the DotCom Boom to his newest venture, Nation Builder.

Jim also played a crucial role in a project that changed interviewer Ron Placone‘s life, the movie OutFoxed. Upon seeing that film in college Ron discovered the Media Reform which framed much of his pursuits into adulthood. The two of them discuss this project and the impact that it had, and some of the methods to piece the thesis unmasking Fox News together. The chat includes love and loss, family, Religion, Politics, Technology, Education, it’s all here folks! Jump in!

Also in this episode, Krish Mohan delivers a FFON and Angie Dorin a Monkey Minute.