The Vanguard: Hollywood Chimps, Free Speech Under Fire and Other Detritus from Around

William F. Buckley Jr., founder and editor-in-chief of the weekly journal National Review, addresses the National Press Club at their luncheon meeting in Washington, D.C., Aug. 4, 1965. Buckley is on his mayoral campaign as the Conservative Party candidate in New York City. (AP Photo)

This is a collation of different topics that have blown up around the These stories, in total, give me the impression that free speech is under pressure. The gatekeepers of the larger information outlets are hypocrites. Those that challenge the gatekeepers are in for stormy weather.

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Ann Coulter Just Wrecked Hollywood

I consider Ann Coulter being called a cunt 19 times during Comedy Central’s Roast of Rob Lowe a watershed moment in entertainment history. Like Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, the roasters were hoping around like confused chimps, unable to control themselves in front of a mysterious monolith. Never before had they been driven so close to intellectual diversity, just by Ann being there. And the chimps didn’t like it. Yes, I get it was a roast and Ann is no snowflake like Leslie Jones, but other roasters in the past were kinder to the likes of Mike Tyson. Yes, the convicted rapist that bit the ear of Evander Holyfield. I wouldn’t call Mike a cannibal but he did say delicious quotes like “I want your heart! I want to eat his children” and certainly “I’ll eat your asshole alive, you bitch” puts his gastronomical predilections in league with Idi Amin.

Good job, Ann you literally can make liberals go apeshit over your mere presence. I am a fan, and I salute you.

Standard Media Bullshit

It’s no secret to any Disinfonaut that the mainstream media is an utterly corrupt institution that’s at best a mouthpiece for political and corporate interests and at worst propaganda outlets that willfully covers-up and deceives the public about the happenings of those that rule over us. To the Disinfo audience, which is steeped in sophisticated skepticism, the idea that any corporate news outlet is no more authentic than a sitcom is really second nature and is no surprise when we catch those brief stories that expose the incestuous relationship between the newsroom and the political establishment. What makes this year so interesting is that the veil of secrecy surrounding such relationships is being exposed more and more. Take for example the drip, drip we are hearing about active news pundits that are being exposed as active members of Hillary’s presidential campaign and yet still appear on MSM outlets as experts or unbiased commentators. Please read this little number here. It’s gotten so bad Zerohedge has proclaimed that the MSM may never recover from such blatant bias. What are we supposed to think? What do they think of us? Let’s see, besides those mentioned in the links provided there is Chris Matthews of Hardball fame on MSNBC, he was with Tip O’Neal’s crew back in the Reagan era. There is George Stephanopoulos who famously worked for the Clinton White House. Donna Brazile bops around between being a media “expert” and running huge hunks of DNC machinery.  Steve Rattner is a regular on Morning Joe on MSNBC and has been a long time Democratic political operative and also has ties to the Obama regime. Harold Ford Jr. another regular on various MSNBC outfits is a former Democratic congressman and now does…I don’t even care. Naturally there is Fox News and I’m sure there’s the same kind of thing happening over there, but I don’t watch Fox. What I do care about is knowing that regardless of where they stand in the media political spectrum they do think we’re all idiots, as exampled by John King preaching to audience members about how correct thinking people would never vote GOP. The scandal? The sermon wasn’t meant for mainstream consumption.

This deep penetration of the press pool by left thinking clowns inevitably leads to such ridiculous abuses they are reminiscent of political comedies like Braindead. I love that show, but it’s not so funny when it’s real life kind of absurdity. My favorite example of the press being nothing but complete ideological bums is the esteemed National Press Club banning the Alt-Right organization the National Policy Institute from giving a presentation called “What is the Alt-Right?” It’s bad enough that the National Press Club has hosted the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but won’t host Richard Spencer of the NPI, but the real punch line to the joke was that the presentation was part of an event titled The Free Speech Lounge. Bah!

Twitter Activism and Dead Activists

In my previous article I claimed Twitter was less a free speech platform and more an ideological outlet that compared to mainstream media channels like MSNBC. 

That needs to be amended a little to Twitter is now the North Korea of social media platforms. Not only did they ban Milo Yiannopoulos, which we all knew about, they now have, for no apparent reason, banned his podcast account as well. It’s not all bad. If you’re liberal and openly call for the assassination of Donald Trump you are ok. But for god sakes do not upset Leslie Jones. 

Also, Darren Seals, an Anti-Black Lives Matter activist, he was killed.

Alt-Right Republic with Becky Barnes via SoundCloud

Her 1st podcast lays out what it means to be altright as a way of living. Even going so far as to endorse being in shape for clarity of mind. She also equates an increasingly obese society with a more feminized society.

She endorses studying statistics on crime as well researching genetics and history on a host of diverse things including Africa, which is near and dear to my heart. Her approach to news is much like mine. Her term is Pseudo-news. I go with MSM or with state controlled media, but really we are talking semantics. I think we are really on the same page.

She advises on learning the difference between rhetoric versus logic. She mentions learning Fash-dialectic. She coaches a budding altright person in how to strategically approach arguments and debates using a series of tools including logic, sarcasm, anecdotes, change of subject, statistics and other smart tactics of evasion. She acknowledges that you cannot win every argument, but approach a debate like a general in an army does. She coaches you on the emotions you are creating and the effect you have on your opponent. Subject yourself to extreme instances of logical pressure in reference to your belief system. One thing she emphasizes is never defend yourself from the left and get used to the idea of being called a racist. One of my favorite phrases she says is, “the stolen moral authority of the left.” That is gold.

She gets into being censored and choosing your platform for expressing your views wisely. In reference to Twitter she advises wiping your personal account, start from an anonymous email that doesn’t involve your name, along with that use a picture for your Twitter account that isn’t you. She says to avoid “face fagging” which means using a picture of your entire face. This is a big NO because this can be reversed google searched. Avoid using your real name with your Twitter handle. The reason for this is many in the movement work for corporations that have HR policies that can result in termination. In Europe simply expressing yourself can result in fines, or jail time. She warns that DM’s can’t be encrypted, so don’t click on any links sent to you. Twitter does strip location data that gets uploaded to the platform. When tweeting make sure you have location services turned off. She goes into the virtues of using VPN’s.

That was just a brief summary of the 1st episode. Later episodes get into the history and composition of what makes up the EU and its forms of regulatory controls, such as taxes, currency and regulations. These devices of control are created by bureaucrats not installed from the ballot box. Very close to my heart is a segment on false flag events. The advantage of this podcast is even if you are just middle of the road politically, she gets into such diverse subjects and in such technical detail with her references you feel comfortable listening, and believing without stopping every few minutes to fact check on Google. Her false flag piece gives names dates and in some instances document references.


Back to Ann Coulter being called a cunt: I’m sure Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer and the cast of Ghostbusters are penning a strongly worded letter to the management of Comedy Central about what it means to demean a woman on national TV by privileged CIS white males. I’m sure the letter will be in the mail any day now.

Until then I’llbe on


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