Wasting Talent: The Underbelly of the SoCal Drug Culture and a Writer’s Struggle

From Indie Bohemians:


Ryan Leone got his first story published when he was 9-years-old. From that point on he knew he wanted to be a writer. Then he discovered alcohol, then he discovered his addictive personality, eventually he discovered heroin. Staying clean has been an uphill battle, but while in prison Ryan got his priorities straight and wrote his first novel, Wasting Talent, while in jail. The book is a fictional tale of a musician turned junkie battling his way through Southern California. The underbelly of Los Angeles captured by Bukowski has gotten an update and check in from Ryan Leone. Like so many before him, Ryan lives the life, for better or worse. Ron Placone and Ryan Leone discuss his struggles with addiction, writer’s workshops gone awry, relationships, the journey, and Ryan’s upcoming new novel, June Gloom.

Also in this episode: Ron talks about meeting Jill Stein, dog walking and Colin Kaepernick. Krish Mohan rocks a FFON and Angie Dorin a Monkey Minute.