Bernie Sanders Never Sold Out and If You Don’t Vote You’re Dumber than F*cking Rocks

Ugh, here’s the thing. I typically go way out of my way to not write about politics and I do this for a rather specific reason. The reason being that people in this country are so creepily divided politically that I think me taking super strong stands in this arena potentially distracts a lot of folks in small towns from hearing a spiritual message that should be universal regardless of political affiliation. The problem with this position lies in the fact that I’m a spiritual writer and you know, sometimes these things bleed together. The last time I wrote about politics had to do with me hearing news that republicans were actively (and successfully) trying to cut food stamp programs in favor of military spending. As someone who’s pastor encouraged us to volunteer at soup kitchens as a kid, this infuriated me to the point that I felt I had to say something. Also, it was right before the election in November of 2013, which was a non-presidential election year if you’re paying attention and sort of the point.

I’ve also made it abundantly clear on social media that I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter. Never gave money to a candidate ever before. He’s the first. Don’t care which religion or God you believe in, Bernie’s politics are more in tune with the spiritual philosophies of Jesus, Buddha, Muhammed, or who the fuck ever else you worship than any other candidate. It all comes from the same source after all and as it turns out, Jesus for example wasn’t anti-gay, or anti-immigration, or anti-abortion, but he was sure as fuck anti-excessive wealth and fairly outspoken in that position I might point out. Cutting services for the poor in favor of murder bot technology development does not go in tune with any major spiritual teachings anywhere. It’s anti-scriptural regardless of your faith or lack thereof. As a spiritual writer, I suppose it’s my job to mention that from time to time.

The fact of the matter is, I fit into an increasingly large political camp that absolutely no one seems to be able to comprehend. That’d be the anti-capitalist radical who’s simultaneously terrified by what the republican party has become. Not even sort of a democrat, but simultaneously absolutely, 100% anti-republican. People are so indoctrinated towards “Go team!” style sports nationalism in politics by now that this position confuses them to no end. So, you’re anti-republican? Yes. Well, both sides are just as bad, how can you stand by the democrats? I don’t, I also find them horrifyingly tied to corporate interests, they’re just not as tied to conservative religious and military dollars to quite the skin crawling extent as the republicans. Again, were democrats trying to make cuts to food stamp programs in favor of military spending? Nope, that was an entirely republican concept and yes, I’m voting against that. The net result of choosing the lesser of 2 evils is still less evil, let us not forget.

So why am I writing this now? Well, mainly because of the increasing amount of anti-Sanders and anti-voting sentiment I keep seeing in my social media feed (FB page where I talk about visions and rarely politics, like it), meaning, I have a lot of fans who believe in this ridiculous bullshit. And you know, I finally realized why to a certain extent. To your average 20 something Bernie bro, it would seem like Bernie backing Hillary was some sort of enormous sell out. It took me continually seeing this crap over and over again before it finally clicked, oh, fuck, some of these people are too young to actually remember the Bush administration. That makes sense. So let’s go on a quick tour of my own political history shall we? I never thought twice about politics growing up in the 90’s. If I would have been paying attention I’m sure I would have noticed that the Clinton administration spent more money expanding the drug war than any president in history but I wasn’t paying attention because I was young and politics are mind numbingly dull. Then something odd happened, at the urging of a friend, I went to a Ralph Nader rally in 2000. He went on to start filling stadiums not long after that I might point out. Listening to that dude and people like Noam Chomsky got me marginally interested in the political game for the first time ever. It did in fact help that this was also right around the point where I could finally vote. I, to this day completely agree with Nader’s assessment that “if you don’t get turned on to politics, politics are going to turn on you.” I say the same thing about spirituality constantly. He ran on a platform that involved the idea that since both parties are increasingly beholden to corporate interests, they were essentially interchangeable. I voted for him (calculatedly, in Ohio where I lived Bush was going to win handily anyway) but in the following years, we had the fundamental flaw in his Republi-crats rhetoric thrown in our faces quite brutally.

As it turned out, both parties weren’t the same. One wanted to drastically expand the military industrial complex and cut taxes for the wealthy. The other didn’t. One was over the top racist, anti-woman, and anti-gay. The other wasn’t so much. Watching the 2000 rigged election made me unfortunately realize that Nader was right and wrong. He was right that I needed to start paying attention to politics because they were already quite obviously turning on me, but he was dead wrong about how both parties were exactly the same. Sorry, no Bush, no Iraq war. No tax cuts for the 1%. Gore wouldn’t have done either of those things, and here’s a fun fact: even with a democratic president, we haven’t been able to reverse the damage Bush did on both of those fronts because of these wacky things called the Senate and Congress. The Iraq war was beyond revolting and oh, it’s never going to go away entirely. Now we’ve got ISIS. Couldn’t of seen that one coming. Oh, wait, we could have seen it coming from a mile away and all the experts did if you were paying attention.

If you don’t think who you vote for in presidential elections matters, go explain that to an Iraq war veteran with PTSD. Explain it to the brown kids who got firebombed. Clearly it does. I think preventing another for profit war started on intentionally falsified information is a fairly good reason to not vote for a republican president. Bush was literally the first world leader in history to ever cut taxes and start wars simultaneously. I guess the reason no one did that before him is because it’s utterly insane. If you read the fine print, the republicans have wanted to start a war with Iran forever and them not winning the presidency again the last few go rounds is the only thing that’s stopped them from achieving this particular goal. Romney wins in 2012, we’re already at war with Iran. The reason I say this is because during the debates that year he openly taunted Obama for not already starting this war the republicans have openly wanted as long as I’ve been half assedly following politics.

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken

Thad McKraken is a psychedelic writer, musician, visual artist, filmmaker, Occultist, and pug enthusiast based out of Seattle. He is the author of the books The Galactic Dialogue: Occult Initiations and Transmissions From Outside of Time, both of which can be picked up on Amazon super cheap.
Thad McKraken